Green Armadillo Theatre Face Off

Hey Theatre groups!

Want to grab a team of folks to compete in a recycled art project for “Get Your Art On,” our month long celebration of arts, culture and creatvity in Austin?

Does $500 bucks for the winning team sound like a good incentive?

Contest will take place on a Saturday afternoon in October. More details to follow. Let us know if you are in!

armadillotheatreInterested? Email us!

Info Letter from Latifah

Am wondering if each of you could collect a team of people to represent your theater in a competition to make the best armadillo out of recycled material? Winning team will get a $500 cash prize, and it will happen in an Austin park on a Saturday afternoon in October. It’s likely that members of the Armadillo Art Squad (former Armadillo World HQ poster artists) will judge, and we’ll get (clean) recycled materials for the teams to work with. This will be part of the fun of GET YOUR ART ON, GET YOUR ART ON, our month long celebration of art, culture, and creativity in Austin in honor of Americans for the Arts’ National Arts and Humanities Month. GET YOUR ART ON month also includes Free Night of Theater. The idea is for all the teams to assemble in the designated park on the designated Saturday. All at the same time. Each team will be given a bunch of stuff you normally recycle (cans, bottle tops, cardboard, newspapers, etc) – and they can bring their own materials provided they haven’t pre – assembled any parts of what they want to do. At a given signal, the team begins their work and will have no more than two hours to assemble their armadillo. We haven’t decided the dimensions, but it will have to be at least a certain size, and three dimensional. In New York and other places the different theaters have softball teams that compete. It’s a way to have some fun together and also another way for the public to engage with you and connect with your company and what you do inside and outside your theater. Your teams can be the actors who are regulars in your theater, your donors, you board, your staff, a mix of all that. You can also have cheer leaders. At least 3 people on a team. Please let us know ASAP if you’d like to be part of this, so we can include this event in our 8 page guide which is going to press this week.

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