A Day in the Life of an Arts Service Org.

So I said that Austin Circle of Theaters was making the huge step into the tech world with the creation of a twitter and a more active Facebook page. Now we have a blog. Now we are going to do cool things like link blogs, and make Facebook events and tweet like crazy. It’s interesting to see where the tech world will take the world of arts service organizations. Pretty soon you can check out our twitter, blog and Facebook info on our nowplayingaustin.com home page. We are going to start profiling artists. Have guest blogs. Our A- Team ( the group of arts savvy folks who attend opening weekend shows and write reviews to help drum up interest) has increased its membership in droves ( you should join!) and we are gearing up to start planning our first ever Now Playing Austin A- Team Happy Hour event. The gals in the office are hard at work planning events for Get Your Art On, a month long celebration of arts, culture and creativity in Austin, a family friendly kickoff event held at Wooldridge Park, a super fun double booth at the Pecan Street Festival, the 35th Annual BIP awards, and getting ready to promote our first ever Arts Minute, (a minute of arts news) shown on News 8 Austin. Whew!

Basically….big stuff is happening. There are many more exciting things in Austin Circle of Theaters future, including some big changes that some people have already heard of, and many others will be informed of in the near future. It’s exciting stuff, trust me.

We want you to be involved.

How so?

1. Volunteer. We love our volunteers. We have soda and bottled water with your name on it, and eternal gratitude for your help.

2. Blog. Do you have something to say to the Arts Community? We would love to help you share it.

3. Create. We will be looking for innovative individuals to join steering committees to help some large scale, exciting events happen.

4. Join the A- Team! If you are a theatre, donate a few tickets, if you are an individual, see the shows and write the reviews.

5. Sell tix on nowplayingaustin.com. The ticketing fee goes to support all sorts of exciting arts events in Austin.  Let’s keep it local, folks.

6. Post your events on the website. Very easy. Lets us publicize the heck out of your events for you!

7. Become a individual member. Become an organizational member. Make a donation.


Show that you support the growth of arts and culture in your city.

We are busy, hard at work to make the Austin arts scene a thriving community for all involved. Many people don’t know exactly what we do, and how we help. We are working on being as transparent as possible. Just a bit about us, what we do, and how you can help.

Go. See. Do.


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About nowplayingaustin

The Austin Creative Alliance is a nonprofit performing arts service organization working to cultivate an environment where the performing arts can grow and flourish. We serve over 130 arts organizations with marketing, ticketing, audience development services; AEA paymaster, information & referral services — plus access to affordable health, liability, and event insurance. We also provide online professional development seminars, fiscal sponsorship services for emerging arts groups, host annual unified general auditions, annual theatre industry awards, and consistently advocate for the many benefits the arts bring to our quality of life.

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