Lets proclaim it from the rooftops!(Today ACoT becomes GACA)

United we stand: Executive director of the Austin Circle of Theaters Latifah Taormina (r) and attorney Randy Houston (l) Photo by John Anderson. Credit Austin Chronicle.

United we stand: Executive director of the Austin Circle of Theaters Latifah Taormina (r) and attorney Randy Houston (l) Photo by John Anderson. Credit Austin Chronicle.

At 5:30 pm today, Austin Circle Theatres will become the Greater Austin Creative Alliance (GACA.) The Mayor and the city council will officially announce not only the start of Get Your Art On, but also, give an official welcome to the new alliance.

The past few days have been a blur, and tonight it will become reality.  Saying goodbye to an institution and saying hello to our new Alliance is an exciting thing, and also one that allows us to look back over the past 35 years, and think of all that  has been accomplished.

We are thrilled to move forward and strengthen the bonds within our artistic community. We are ready for the large tasks ahead of us, and hope, with all of your help, support, and ideas, that we can become the cultural powerhouse that we all know we are.

Check out today’s Chronicle, with a great article from Robert Faires, describing the transition.

Plan, Be

“On Oct. 1, the Austin Circle of Theaters is changing its name to the Greater Austin Creative Alliance and expanding its mission to serve the larger creative community of Central Texas.

If you know ACoT only for the B. Iden Payne Awards for local theatre that it’s been handing out for 35 years, this might seem a curious move. But the fact is, the organization has been inching in the direction of a creative alliance for several years, extending services beyond the theatre community to dance, classical music, and improv comedy groups; providing access to affordable health, liability, and event insurance; and promoting events across the creative spectrum through listings on its NowPlayingAustin.com website, the new “Austin Arts Minute” feature on News 8, and Get Your Art On, a monthlong celebration of creative work held in October. Indeed, as CreateAustin participants studied how an alliance might be constructed, a consensus emerged that ACoT offered an existing template for one.

To help them figure out how best to build on that template, leaders in arts management such as Tom Kaiden of the Philadelphia Cultural Alliance and Andrew Taylor of the Bolz Center for Arts Administration were brought in to give informed perspectives. With Houston and Taormina leading the Creative Alliance action team, a step-by-step plan was developed to help ACoT evolve into the Greater Austin Creative Alliance. The first step: recruiting new board members from all corners of the creative community and the community at large.

In truth, the anointing of ACoT as the Cultural Master Plan’s creative alliance is but a baby step toward it truly becoming one, and based on the testimony of the arts management experts who described similar efforts elsewhere, the road there will be long and rocky. But the step is being taken, and in other areas of Austin’s creative life, other steps are being taken, like the Mind Pop initiative, spinning out of the Creativity and Learning action team, which will inventory the city’s arts education programs and address gaps in them. Those steps, however small today, are meaningful in themselves as signs that CreateAustin is off the shelf and moving downfield. That’s different. We’ve gone beyond the plan.”

–Robert Faires, Austin Chronicle

Its just a small step on the marathon, but here at The Creative Alliance, we are ready to go the distance. We hope you will join us for the next big step.

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The Austin Creative Alliance is a nonprofit performing arts service organization working to cultivate an environment where the performing arts can grow and flourish. We serve over 130 arts organizations with marketing, ticketing, audience development services; AEA paymaster, information & referral services — plus access to affordable health, liability, and event insurance. We also provide online professional development seminars, fiscal sponsorship services for emerging arts groups, host annual unified general auditions, annual theatre industry awards, and consistently advocate for the many benefits the arts bring to our quality of life.

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