Wooldridge…A Photographic Journey

Despite the threat of rain the intrepid Creative Alliance Gals set up the park, crossed their fingers the weather would hold, and waited.

Luckily the rain stayed gone, the performers came, the children flocked, Aunt Pearl ( Joe Sears, Greater Tuna)  made cards, The Biscuit Brothers performed for wide eyed kids, the Art Zoo brought incredible bikes, the Wonder Craft and the Theatre Action Project made crafts with children, Hideout performed kid friendly improv, Steve the Juggler from the Texas Juggling Society entertained,  and the Loose Wheels rocked the house!


Here is the first in a LARGE set of pictures taken by our enthusiastic super volunteer Paul Pine! Don’t you wish you were there to GYAO with us?


Steve the Juggler entertains.


Our new logo is pretty.


The Wonder Craft brought a trailer to do crafts with the kids.




Inside the trailer…..


Art Alliance Austin comes to support!



The Creative Alliance Girls get their art on by decorating their Greater Austin Creative Alliance shirts. Thanks, Capital One for providing them!



Jessica, Wooldridge Park Event Chair, models her T- Shirt.



This is Paul. He was attacked by glitter. Doesn’t it make you want to volunteer as well.



The kids enjoy the park.



The park site.



We are clearly VERY excited to be there. Anne Marie and Susie pose for photos.



Theatre Action Project makes puppets.



Aunt Pearl decorates cards!



Austin Bike Zoo’s amazing bat!




The Hideout entertains.



MUCH more to come. Video of dancing kids, Aunt Pearl and Biscuit Brothers and MORE!

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