Creative Alliance: What We Do. In Video Form….

Check out with we are up to at the Creative Alliance.

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About nowplayingaustin

The Austin Creative Alliance is a nonprofit performing arts service organization working to cultivate an environment where the performing arts can grow and flourish. We serve over 130 arts organizations with marketing, ticketing, audience development services; AEA paymaster, information & referral services — plus access to affordable health, liability, and event insurance. We also provide online professional development seminars, fiscal sponsorship services for emerging arts groups, host annual unified general auditions, annual theatre industry awards, and consistently advocate for the many benefits the arts bring to our quality of life.

2 thoughts on “Creative Alliance: What We Do. In Video Form….

  1. I’m confused. It’s an awesome promo video, but how does it explain what you do? I’m still finding it a little difficult to explain to those who don’t know this organization.

    • The organization is changing from the Austin Circle of Theaters to the Greater Austin Creative Alliance. What we do will be changing, and it is still in the planning stages. This is a slideshow of the programs that we do on a regular basis. Check out our new website at for more info!

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