Weekly Top Ten List

Every week our A Team members and other arts community members are hard at work reviewing local theatre and deciding which ones will head up our weekly top ten list. So what are these reviews? Which shows are shining bright every week? Well now these lists are coming straight to you! Feel free to read more of the reviews and see the rest of the Top Ten List here


Here are the Top FIve Events for the past week and one stellar review from one of our patrons!

#1 Event for the Week!

Putnam County Spelling Bee: ZACH Theatre ( extended to November 8th)


Dr.Duvy Gave it 4.5 Stars

“It seemed odd at first, but Zach’s “Spelling Bee” followed the Broadway version casting template; adult actors in the role of children and some actors in multiple roles. Yet, as the show progressed, it became harder to envision child actors portraying these quirky characters with atypical back-stories. It’s the gradual fleshing out of the characters that make “Spelling Bee” a fun and gratifying night out. The Austin area has an incredible pool of performing artists: as William Barfee (“Bar-fey!”), Jose Villarreal blended nerdy-arrogance-swagger with a smidge of vulnerability that made his nasally challenged character a crowd favorite, Eve Alonza was spot-on with her depiction of the over-achieving Asian phenom undergoing an identity crisis, and the extremely talented Jill Blackwood was hilarious as the well-dressed, slightly awkward, serial Spelling Bee coordinator re-living her past spelling glory. Zach’s production of Spelling Bee is highly recommended for teens to adults…”

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#2 Event for the Week

Evil Dead: Doctuh Mistah and SVT


Zombie Lover Gives it 5 Stars!

“As a big fan of the cult classic film, I went in with some high expectations. Let me tell you now that all of these expectations were blown away. Campy, raunchy, evil, and funny as a dancing Zombie could be. The cast was phenominal, especially David Gallagher as the most badass demon killer ever, and Corley Pillsbury as the neverending pun throwing demon sister. Talented singers, great campy choreo, and some blood and guts galore. My advice……sit in the SPLASH ZONE!!!! Get your tickets now…..and COME GET SOME!”

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#3 Event for the Week

Spring Awakening: Bass Concert Hall ( touring show)

Spring Awakening National Tour San Diego 8/29/08 Credit Photo: ©2008 Paul Kolnik 212.362.7778  studio@paulkolnik.com www.paulkolnik.com


Bob H Gives it 4 Stars!

Wedekind, who wrote the 1891 German play upon which Spring Awakening is built, subtitled his work “a children’s tragedy” and it certainly is. Steven Sater and Duncan Sheik’s creative reinvention of the controversial play recalls all the anger, sadness and longing of the original while managing to infuse a sense of almost hopeful resilience. The cast must lead the audience through a dark and twisted landscape and does so with a realism that demands attention. Two performances shine. Taylor Trensch as the underdog Moritz blazes his way through two showstoppers “The Bitch of Living” and “Don’t Do Sadness.” Steffi D as Ilse captivates with each entrance, meandering in and out of the light like a haunting presence. Her interaction with Moritz was the standout of Act II. Overall, a solid cast giving a solid performance. Even the plot racing toward the end doesn’t detract from this refreshingly modern interpretation of a classic. A must see, but definitely for adults.”

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#4 Event for the Week

A Couple of Ways of Doing Something:Photography by Chuck Close (AMOA)


Tristan Alexander gives it 4.5 Stars!

“The newest exhibit at AMoA’s downtown location provides visitors an encounter with the intensity that is a Chuck Close portrait. Beginning with daguerrotype portraits of his subjects (all artists themselves), Chuck Close created digital prints of each and then used the images to create large tapestries. Different aspects of the subjects are uniquely represented by each medium: the luminous daguerrotype, digital prints accompanied by free verse poetry reflecting the subject, and the multi-faceted texture and depth of the tapestries. It is difficult not to find yourself wishing for an even deeper understanding of the essence of each artist and their work. Fortunately the most intense portrait of the group – of Chuck Close himself – allows the visitor that insight with this exhibit. Reflecting on the portraits undoubtedly provides an opportunity to reflect on the different faces each of us possess. Highly recommended.”

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#5 Event for the Week

Julius Caesar: Emily Ann Theatre in Wimberley


Jay Y Gives it 4 Stars!

“The Emily Ann Theatre’s production of Shakespeare’s “Julius Ceasar” was an interesting, entertaining take on the classic play. The dress of Julius Ceasar and the aristocracy are that of modern sophisticates, and the military uniforms of Mark Anthony and others resemble contemporary army fatigues. One must be very careful when setting Shakespeare in a different time from that intended in the original play, but Bridget Farias’ conceptualization worked tolerably well. The “beware the Ides of March” line was said by a reporter at a Ceasar press conference, and it didn’t quite have the same affect as a soothsayer, but it was interesting. Another interesting twist- during Brutus and Anthony’s speeches, the actors sat in the audience and yelled out at the appropriate times, giving a good illusion of a rowdy crowd. Overall, a production well-worth seeing”

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Be back with more reviews next week! To review your favorite show go to nowplayingaustin.com, search for the show and then simply click Add Review!


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