Austin Arts Blog: WHAT WAS I THINKING? Bad Boyfriend Stories.


When I was a kid my cousins and I played a game they called called “Fashion Show”. Their mom was a woman who thought it was cute to give her children names that all began with the same letter.
Tracy, Tammy and Tom were the kind of kids who often made me very nervous but never bored.

“Fashion Show” was a fun but poorly-named game that involved shoving all of Tracy and Tammy’s hanging clothes aside in the big wooden closet with the built in “stage” ( the shoe shelf) then stripping down to nothing while dancing around and screaming wildly, spinning and twisting while the crowd went wild.

Older but no wiser, I recently agreed to take part in the theatrical version of Fashion Show at the Hyde Park Theatre. A lot of entertainment may now involve showing yer ass, and like it or not, the ante is Upped. We stare over the abyss of unexplored topics and it’s only months before we’ll be reading reviews of BRIS!! The MUSICAL!!

What Was I Thinking? Bad Boyfriend Stories, running this Thursday and Friday at 8pm and on Halloween at 4 pm at the Hyde Park Theatre practically wrote itself.
It flows like hot lava from the raunchy lips of the righteously pissed-off and piled-on.

The stereotype used to be that men were the gender that would always kiss and tell.
After years of Vagina Monologues and Sex and the City episodes have turned an electron microscope on a woman’s world from slumber party to salon, It’s now understood that at most, a guy will sometimes ask “didja do-er?” and his friend may respond: “Yeah, I did-er,” while a woman will discuss almost anything with anyone at any time with any other ovary owner.

Exhibit A: I once slept with a guy at an age and in a place where it was not uncommon to have shared a lover with a few friends ( the scene was a college co-op in an era when AIDS was dreaded only by the “4 H’s”–Haitians, Homosexuals, Hemophiliacs and –and– um– Hamburglars?? I can’t recall) ANYWAY– the poor young man in question had a very distinctive, constellation-like freckle pattern on his penis. It’s awful now to recall how quickly he became known among us as “The Little Dipper”.

We were brutal.
Women are.
We take our victims out with a detailed verbal dysentery rather than with a swift guillotine like a hapless man might.

And it’s funny.
Not a cliche-filled Penis Pinata, this show, adapted from a collection of essays compiled by Barbara Davilman and Liz Dubleman, is as unique as any car trip, bathroom break or happy hour dialog between smart, pissy women can be.

Kriss Kovach
WHAT WAS I THINKING? Bad Boyfriend Stories
Hyde Park Theatre
10/29 10/30 @8pm 10/31 @4pm Tix $20ea.

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