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Every week our A Team members and other arts community members are hard at work reviewing local theatre and deciding which ones will head up our weekly top ten list. So what are these reviews? Which shows are shining bright every week? Well now these lists are coming straight to you! Feel free to read more of the reviews and see the rest of the Top Ten List here


#1 Cherry Orchard- Breakin String Theatre Company

“If you want to see Chekov performed correctly, Breaking String’s production of The Cherry Orchard is a first-rate opportunity. First class acting down the line. Babs George manages to be fragile and strong in the same breath. Matt Radford makes a compelling Lopaakhin and his third act monologue gave me chills. Dirk van Allen’s final moments on stage are haunting. Nigel O’Hearn and Liz Fisher are also worthy of mention. A thorough understanding of each character by the actors and director Graham Schmidt give Checkov’s words (or rather Schmidt’s translation of them) life. A few minor quibbles seem trivial in retrospect. This production lets each character speak for him or herself offering no real hero or villain. An absolute must-see for any fan of Chekov or top-notch acting.” –5 Stars from kholenkhov

#2 Leave it to Beverly- Da Theatre Collective

“Leave it to Beverly is a brilliantly composed play in 3 acts. This play integrates dance, comedy, drama & "special effects" into a time machine that takes us back to our childhood, sitting in front of the TV drinking Nestle’s Quick or Kool-Aid. Kirk German has directed/produced a top-notch cast who act, dance & engage in classic 50’s style antics. The timing of dance and comedic interludes was flawless, adding to the boob-tube mystic of the era. Set design, light & sound are all meticulously integrated to give us the TV experience. But, German is able to take things to a more pensive, deeper level as well giving us the darker side of what might be occurring during each commercial break”- 4.5 Stars from Jonathan Hoyle


#3 Dusk: Improvised Tween Erotica- Gnap! Theatre Projects

“Dusk was great! I took my 15 year-old and we laughed the entire time. The relaxed atmosphere made it enjoyable for her first time at the theater. The show was appropriate for a teen age viewer and yet her old parent. I would and already have reccomended it to others. Great Job!!!”-5 Stars from Angela Young


#4 Hamlet- City Theatre

“Amidst all of the blood and gore shows, is a significant piece of theatre that I was thrilled to see this past weekend. The play? Well, Hamlet. The conclusion? Well, outstanding! Sure, it has its spooks, murder, madness, but is also the richest, compelling, and most probing plays ever written in dramatic literature. It is a thinking play, heaven and earth forbid, where the questions of truth, existence, love, faithfulness, security has no easy answers. It is a play so relevant for today, evident in the work by The City Theatre Company. One of the best Shakespeare companies to date in Austin, true to the text, exceptional in their stage work. Bravo to Aaron Black’s Hamlet, Shannon Davis’ Ophelia, Collin Bjork’s Laertes, and MacArthur Moore’s Ghost/Gravdigger. Sure, have a little spooky fun. But, don’t forget to feed your soul with one of the bard’s best. Hamlet will leave you overjoyed in the power of live theatre.”

-5 Stars from Carol Anne


#5 La Boheme- Austin Lyric Opera

“"La Boheme" has become one of the world’s most beloved operas due to its timeless themes and message. The story of love struggling, but yet withstanding, in the face of adversity is as relevant today as it was hundreds of years ago, and it is no surprise that the wildly successful 90s musical "RENT" drew solid inspiration from this opera. Presenting such a well-known opera is a challenge for any company, and the Austin Lyric Opera has succeeded largely by finding talented singers who actually can act as well. The comedic timing of Craig Verm (Marcello) was a standout, with the audience consistently laughing at his witty delivery, no small feat when performing in a foreign language. I was most impressed with the chemistry between Sebastien Gueze (Rodolfo) and Dima Kuznetsova (Mimi). Their tenderness, passion, and youthful flirtatiousness seemed genuine, and they made excellent yet subtle choices regarding their physical contact.”- 5 Stars from Silver Stage Siren


#6- Lonestar, Texas: A Popcorn Throwing Rock Country Musical- the vestige group

"Vestige Group, along with directors Jen Brown and Susie Gidseg, present us with a popcorn throwing, beer guzzling, adult’s only good time, a straight up Texas melodrama featuring a dastardly villain, a flawed hero, hot women, and plenty of rockin’ country music. From the moment the show begins to the moment the lights come back up, you’ll be drawn into their world, and with a show this fun, you might not ever want to leave."- 4.5 Stars from Austin Theatre Examiner

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