A Team Full Review: The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge

A trip to Lockhart, few miles east of Austin, generally results in plate of Barbeque brisket, but there is a little something extra to go with those spare ribs and potato salad. The teat is the Gaslight Theater, on Main Street,just a few blocks from your favorite eatery.

What appears to have been a traditional movie theater has been (at least that is the way it appears to the those of us unschooled in the history of old downtown Lockhart).

But enough of history and cuisine, and on too mark the current performance of the two act play the Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge. A delicious new take on the Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol in Prose, Being A ghost Story Of Christmas. Written in 1843. The story is a holiday staple which everyone has seen dozens of times, if not more. Rewriting of the Christmas Carol is nothing new, in that musical version was performed at the Chatam Theater in New York City in 1844. Hundreds of news boys gathered at the theater and a brawl broke out prior to the arrival of the police who escorted dozens of to the Tombs as the local jail was known. No need to worry, the good folks of Lockhart are considerably better behaved. The audience all turned their cell phone ringers off. Assuming there is cell phone service there.(Forgive me, being a critic brings out that catty side.)

Those of us who are aware of our litigious times will have no trouble getting the joke of The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge. Brown’s play Proposes a time after that infamous Christmas Eve when a sour old Scrooge, after a day and night of terror and intimidation, decides to sue hims nemeses.

The play takes place in an English court room where he confronts the defendants, his old partner Jacob Marley (Played by Arthur DiBianca, complete with chains),

the Ghost of Christmas Past (Angela Irving). The ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (Jason Foreman)and the rest of the usual suspects, Mrs Cratchit, Bob Cratchit, along with the defendant’s defence attorney (Solomon Rothschild).

For those who are not familiar with the play write Mark brown, The New York Daily News profiled him as writing at his Brooklyn coffee house clad in flannel pajama bottoms while eating his usual, drink of Chai to wash down his banana chocolate chip cake. Needless to say anyone who can dress in PJ’s at Star Bucks has to be able to write an entertaining play.

So head out to Lockhart, grab some BBQ and take in a fine play.

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