Top Weekly Events: 12/18/09

Every week our A Team members and other arts community members are hard at work reviewing local theatre and deciding which ones will head up our weekly top ten list. So what are these reviews? Which shows are shining bright every week? Well now these lists are coming straight to you! Feel free to read more of the reviews and see the rest of the Top Ten List here

#1 Event of the Week- Dionysus in 69 :Rude Mechanicals
A Team Member Sarah Saltwick from austin said: “Dionysus in 69”

What a crazy play. Don’t read any reviews if you are planning on seeing it (which you should!!) It feels (almost) impossible to review the Rude Mech’s newest production/adventure/experience/encounter DIONYSUS IN 69. The experience will be different for each audience member on any given night. And the less you know going in, the better. In fact, if you have already heard about production and are interested, just go see it. Get your ticket and go. Don’t read this. Don’t read any of the other reviews until you’ve seen the play. It’s a performance you will not likely encounter again created by a confident and skilled ensemble. My only two recommendations are wear comfortable (not fancy) clothes and read your program. Or even better, read up on Dionysus. The dialogue can be dense and it’s fun to have handle on the mythology. But this is not a play about dialogue. It is a play about theatre and audience, it is a play about sex and pleasure… Read more

#2 Event of the Week –Laughter on the 23rd Floor :The City Theatre Company
A Team Member Jay Y. from Austin, TX said:”A fun show!”

The City Theatre keeps proving that it can consistently put on good productions with its latest- Neil Simon’s “Laughter on the 23rd Floor.” Set in an NBC writer’s studio in the McCarthy era, “Laughter” explores the changing social and cultural landscape, when the American people’s taste for comedy was changing, and how the crazy writers are caught in the middle. The acting is solid, particularly from Carol Wyman and Ira Stone. Whether you’ve seen a Neil Simon play or not, “Laughter on the 23rd Floor” is sure to be a fun experience.

#3 Event of the Week- The Santaland Diaries :ZACH Theatre
Matt M. from Austin, TX USA said: “A Good Christmasy time”

This show was a lot of fun, especially with friends. It’s a great reason to get out of the house when it’s cold outside. This show was a lot of fun, especially with friends.

#4 Event of the Week- The Mousetrap :Austin Playhouse
A Team Member Katherine Hodges from Austin TX said: “Perfectly delightful murder mystery”

I went to see The Mousetrap mostly because of my love for Agatha Christie, and I was definitely not disappointed. During the two hours of the performance I felt I had been completely transported into a cold lonely old house in England, snowed in with a bunch of highly suspicious characters, so much so that I think I even found myself shivering. The effective sound design contributed much to the show, and I was also very impressed with the blocking, and the ease with which all the actors moved around the stage, often exiting through the audience and quickly re-entering from a different point. The design of the stage and the frequent movement of the actors really made me feel I was part of the mystery, along with some truly convincing screams given off when a body was discovered. Even though I was sitting on the far right side, I felt able to see and enjoy the show well. It was a very nice way to spend the evening

#5 Event of the Week- The Nutcracker :Ballet Austin
Tanya Phillips from Austin TEXAS, USA said: “First time to see Nutcracker Ballet”

It was a really perfect night, we left early, there was plenty of parking in the big garage. Since we arrived about 45 min. before showtime, we were invited in to a pre-performance talk where they told us the story line and history of the ballet and music, etc. Very helpful! We had GREAT SEATS in the floor section AND I had some binoculars for close up views, too. All the little kids parts were so cute! They did a really good job of communicating the storyline (without words)and we were able to follow the flow. The costumes were fabulous, so beautiful! The choreography and dancing were superb!!! The orchestra was fantastic, easy to hear and I knew lots of the songs. My favorite part was watching the ballerinas on point! The funniest part was the celebrity spot with the police chief, he was a riot! All in all a great night! Thanks!

#6 Event of the Week- I’ll Be Seeing You : TexARTS
Ronda Dale Kirk from Spicewood, Texas said: ““I’LL BE SEEING YOU . . .”

. . . A 1940’s Christmas Musical” should NOT be missed. The show is a nostalgic look at the WWII period through music, dance, photographs and poignant letters. The intimate TexArts theatre may be located in a Lakeway strip center, but it looks like pure Broadway inside. Professional singers and dancers (along with some cute children from the TexArts Academy) perform an amazing show. Robin Lewis’ choreography and the extensive costumes are a highlight. This heartwarming musical will put you in the Christmas spirit, and you will leave with a song in your heart.

#7 Event of the Week- The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge :Gaslight Baker Theatre
Beverly Galante from austin said: “Outstanding Gifted Actors and Actresses”

I have seen this play. It has astoundingly gifted actors and actresses! This is a must see. I would characterize it as a dramedy, as it has very poignant moments along with some extremely funny material. The premise is wonderful! One year after Ebeneezer Scrooge has been visited by Marley and the 3 ghosts of Christmas, he decides to suit for pain and suffering, kidnapping, etc. It has a surprise ending and is pure fun and engaging entertainment for everyone in the family.

#8 Event of the Week- Alice! :Chaotic Theatre Company and The Vortex
Alice Fan from Austin from Austin, TX said: “A is for Alice!!”

Alice! is a must see show! This was unlike any other performance I have seen. Eerie, disturbing, terribly sad, funny in places, and very much worth your time. The cast was overall very good, but a few were true standouts in this show. Alice was simply amazing to watch. Dee and Dum were truly creepy (not the kind of playmates I would ever want!) The Hatter was really quite mad. And the Queen had me convinced that her command of “off with her head” was not some idle threat. The Vortex space fits the mood of the show perfectly. The lighting and music were mostly spot on and the blackout scenes left you wondering what was next. Kudos to Chaotic Theatre Company for bringing something truly different to Austin.

#9 Event of the Week- Petra’s Pecado :Teatro Vivo
N Salas from Austin TX said: “Petra’s Pecado….We loved this production!”

I have thoroughly enjoyed other Teatro Vivo productions and this was definitely my favorite! My sisters and two co-workers came to see this play and we had the best time. Lots of laughs and some heartwarming moments as well. Leticia Rodriguez and Diana Martinez are awesome voices in this play. I am planning to come back with more family members next week.

#10 Event of the Week- Winter Wonderland in Salado :Noah’s Way Exotic Zoo
Holly Davis from Burleson, TX said: “Fun for the whole family!!!!”

Great exotic petting zoo which included a yak, a kangaroo and wallaby! The kids loved the pony ride and we all enjoyed the hay ride in pasture with horses, ponies, goats and deer. There are also fun bounce houses, a giant slide and games for the kids!


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