Upcoming Featured Events: Jan 7-10

by Ross Scarano

Upcoming Featured events are back after winter break! Want to see if your favorite event made the cut? See some things and review them on Now Playing Austin! Get your event noticed in 2010!


When two former Ballet Austin principal dancers strike out on their own to form a dance company, everyone should take note. This weekend marks the debut performance from VOICE Dance Company, started by Gina Patterson and Eric Midgley. The first half of this electrifying evening will feature all-new short pieces performed by the troupe for the first time anywhere. The show’s second half will be centered around the Austin-premiere of Patterson’s acclaimed dance My Witness, featuring live musical accompaniment from Chicago folk-trio Sons of the Never Wrong. Be apart of a momentous occasion for the Austin dance scene. Order tickets now.

Jo’s Chili Cold Blood Chili Cook Off

In its 4th incarnation, Jo’s Chili Cold Blood Chili Cook Off is becoming one of those events that truly keeps Austin weird (and it’s not just because of that mouthful of a name). For you Austinites with a secret recipe you’d like to showcase, you have until 9 pm tonight to register to compete in the multi-gallon competition. For those of you with hungry bellies, just show up this Saturday at 11 and buy a Tasting Ticket. Enjoy the chili and plenty of free music from great local acts like DJ Chicken George, Chaparral, Woodsboss, and, of course, Chili Cold Blood (now the name of this shindig begins to make sense). All proceeds from the Cook Off go to Caritas of Austin, an organization dedicated to helping those in Austin living in poverty.

Jim Bailey as Judy Garland

Typically, when a man impersonates an icon like Judy Garland, there will be an element of camp to the performance. With drag, there is a sense of exaggeration, sometimes as satire of gender roles, etc. But Jim Bailey is that unique entertainer who comes to completely inhabit the individual being performed – in this case, Judy Garland. Certainly this must have something to do with Bailey and Garland’s friendship, which began in the late 60s, shortly before Garland’s tragic death. But the whole of Bailey’s abilities cannot be so easily explained. The title says it all: Jim Bailey Is Judy Garland Live. Bailey is Garland; those are the only words available that adequately describe this uncanny feat.


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