Artsy and Articulate? Be a Honorary A-Team member for LongFringe!

A Few A-Team tickets remain for the following Long Fringe Shows! See below the cut.

“…Some Other Day” 1/19, 7 pm
The baggy-pants, vaudeville-style clown duo, Schave & Reilly, are having a world premiere at FronteraFest! “…Some Other Day” is a tale about love, the weather, and death. All of which are inevitable. Schave & Reilly are hailed as “charming”, “timeless and layered” and as “slapstick geniuses”.

“An Evening With Chastity Gambler and Alan Jr.” Mon. Jan 18 @ 9:00pm
Famous country western duo Alan Jr. and Chastity Gambler have always been in love. But their commitment to each other and to their show will be tested as secrets are revealed, lyrics are forgotten, and tears are shed over spilt beer. Leave your daddy’s shotgun at home and let this charming and hilarious musical revue blow your brains out.

“One Man’s Music: A Monologue with Song” Jan 23rd at 8pm
Based on his new autobiography, Bell tells a fine tale about Texas music, the singer-songwriter tradition, and a personal journey of determined rehabilitation and subsequent comeback from a car wreck that ends triumphant in the here and now. One Man’s Music is a story of distance and reunion, of shrapnel and balm, and the journey of a “music-lifer” as well as a life resurrected by music.

“American Volunteers” Tue. 1/19 9:15 p.m.
American Volunteers follows a squad of special operations Rangers as they patrol the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. The play focuses on three sergeants responsible for leading the squad, and the conflict that arises as each pursues life, liberty or happiness. The story is told through the bifocal perspective of a female soldier briefly attached to the squad, and a metamorphic Chorus. Warning: Strong language, violence, and meter.

Email to get em! Reviews required for any shows seen! ( spread the word to other arsty articulate folks.)

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2 thoughts on “Artsy and Articulate? Be a Honorary A-Team member for LongFringe!

  1. For those of us new to GACA, what the heck is LongFringe? A place? A performance group? An event?

    PS – It would be very helpful if your notices included the old “who, what, where, when, why and how” guidelines we were taught in high school.

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