News 8 Arts Minute Online for Viewing~!

We are thrilled to report that the Now Playing Austin Arts Minute, featuring Austin Arts Advocate, Carla McDonald, through News8 Austin, is available online for viewing! Have you or your company been featured in an arts minute recently? Now you too can view the minutes online and share the link with your friends or family.The last minute is linked to above, and we are told that more will be added. Interested in being included in the arts minute? Instructions for how to be considered are below.

Be Featured on the Austin Arts Minute

Greater Austin Creative Alliance (formerly Austin Circle of Theaters) has been hosting News8 to regularly host the Austin Arts Minute every Wednesday with News8 Austin.  We are thrilled to have a major TV channel give an ongoing media focus to our Austin arts and cultural community.  And it includes all disciplines.

What we need for your event to be considered in the minute:

News8 logo

  • The event must be in our NowPlayingAustin site 5 weeks prior to its opening
  • We must have a press release on file
  • We must know that images and/or b-roll can be available for our use a week before air time.

Arts Minute to Focus on Opening Events

The focus is on events opening the same week the minute is aired. (all disciplines/genres) Because we only a minute, there is no way we can include everything happening that week. But with each episode driving traffic back to, the Minute will bring increased attention to any and all events on the site.

How Do I Get My Event Featured?

The Creative Alliance selects the events, does the scripts, provides the talent and secures the images and/or b-roll for the episodes.  News8 shoots each episode and does the post-production. We shoot four/five scripts in a single session. This is why the information needs to be in the site five weeks ahead. News8 adds the images/b-roll the week prior to the next minute airing. So while we can get images and b-roll to News8 closer to airtime, we need to know we will be able to do that when we put the event in the script.

Again, content is from our NowPlayingAustin site. That means event information and appropriate web images need to be in the system at least 5 weeks in advance to be considered for inclusion in the Austin Arts Minute.  Guidelines for submitting listings are in the site. At the top of the home page there is a button for SUBMIT A LISTING. Just follow the prompts.

Therefore, in addition to making certain event listings are in the site at least 5 weeks in advance, we will also need to have on file the following for an event to be considered for the Arts Minute.:

  • Press Release for event
  • The go-to person (Name, email, phone) for more information/graphics for that event if needed
  • List of images, b-roll (digital or beta) that can be available for the Minute

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About nowplayingaustin

The Austin Creative Alliance is a nonprofit performing arts service organization working to cultivate an environment where the performing arts can grow and flourish. We serve over 130 arts organizations with marketing, ticketing, audience development services; AEA paymaster, information & referral services — plus access to affordable health, liability, and event insurance. We also provide online professional development seminars, fiscal sponsorship services for emerging arts groups, host annual unified general auditions, annual theatre industry awards, and consistently advocate for the many benefits the arts bring to our quality of life.

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