Top Weekly Events

Every week our A Team members and other arts community members are hard at work reviewing local theatre and deciding which ones will head up our weekly top ten list. So what are these reviews? Which shows are shining bright every week? Well now these lists are coming straight to you! Feel free to read more of the reviews and see the rest of the <a href=””>Top Ten List here</a><!–more–>

#1 Eurydice :Different Stages

Eurydice is a challenging piece, for both the performers and the audience. It’s a meditation on loss told primarily through the eyes of the dead. The stagecraft is interesting and the production’s most successful moments are when depicting this unique view of the afterlife. The biggest flaw is that the connection between the three central characters isn’t strongly felt enough to make us want to wade through this dark world, and as such, Marc Balaster and the chorus of stones steal the show, as their cynical view of life is most deeply felt. Nicole Swahn as the title character manages some lovely moments as well, with her final monologue providing one of the few truly heartbreaking moments in the evening. Not perfect theatre, but undeniably fascinating for those willing to be challenged (a guaranteed conversation starter) with slick staging and powerful imagery. The polished shell just needs a stronger soul to be really something special.- Seymour from Austin, TX said:

#2 Long Fringe 2010: Hotel Morocco : ECHO Players

As a result of premiering this new play, Hotel Morocco, by Aaron Black, a new theater company has emerged. I look forward to seeing many more productions from ECHO as this one is quite engrossing. There is humor and sadness in the situations portrayed. For the most part the actors embody their characters with the underlying emotions that drive their behaviors. The only minus for me would be that the mobster like actions of a few characters is a bit too sterotypical; however, these characters are only seen briefly. The other characters portrayed by these actors and the main actors are well executed. This production group pulled together a strong cast and developed all aspects of the show. The music used between scenes complements the action. The costumes are well done as is the set, which depicts separate areas in the hotel. Congratulations, ECHO.

-Vicki McKain from Austin,TX

#3 Long Fringe 2010:Dying City : Capital T Theatre Company

ALT is up applauding for Liz Fisher and Mark Scheibmeir in Capital T’s Dying City. Only 5 more perfs.

-Austin Live Theatre

#4 ZACH Performing Arts School presents Everything About a Day (Almost) : ZACH Theatre

This was a great show. My 5th grader said ‘It really captures what it’s like to be a kid’. The kids are very talented and it plays very well to tweens and teens…as well as their parents. It’s nice to see kids playing their own ages and seeing a show that has contemporary themes that include cell phones and texting – as well as some timeless themes like sibling battles and Mom’s telling you that ‘You’ll ruin your appetite’. – Monica

#5 Sacred Illuminations : REAL GALLERY

This exhibit is a real gem. The works on display are beautiful and well crafted. The exhibit also includes a nice summary of iconic art from eastern Europe. If you haven’t been downtown in a while, this exhibit is well worth the trip. – Bill

#6 Endgame : Palindrome Theatre

highly rec: Endgame by Palindrome Thtr. Subtle, at the precipice; powerful acting by Jarrett King, Gabriel Luna.   – Austin Live Theatre

#7 Dance Carousel : Spank Dance Company

“Creative, inspiring, beautiful and challenging- a must see”

This was my first time to see dance carousel, and I left wanting to see more. The show consists of 40 one minute dances, with each choreographer creating 4 different works. Each cycle of 10 started with a dance video created by Ellen Bartel (the show organizer) and Eliot Haynes. The simplicity of the movement, creative editing and music by Adam Sultan combined to create a truly interesting collaboration. In a similar way, Tom Benton’s work, performed by him and dancer Kirsche Dickson used simple movement and ideas in a unique way that left me wishing they were longer. Another refreshing series of dances was choreographed by the duo Two Left Feet, who combined great film work with beautiful dancing and communicated complex ideas that left audience members thinking. And then there was the sheer physicality and commanding stage presence of soloist Rosalyn Nasky, and the extremely entertaining dances from Meredith Cook-Knight- All of this combined to make a very enjoyable show.      – Katherine

#8 David Bates Deluge : Austin Museum of Art

The sheer impact of the David Bates pieces create a sense of awe and wonder. All of his work is great, but the painting depicting the disaster of Hurricane Katrina evoke so much emotion that you want to just stare at them for hours! This is a must see exhibit!    – Contessa


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