Top Weekly Events: Did your fav make the cut?

Every week our A Team members and other arts community members are hard at work reviewing local arts events and deciding which ones will head up our weekly top ten list. So what are these reviews? Which shows are shining bright every week? Well now these lists are coming straight to you! Feel free to read more of the reviews and see the rest of the Top Ten List here!


#1 American Letterpress: The Art of the Hatch Show Print

Austin Museum of Art

Ruby Sinclair from Austin, TX said:

This is one of the most beautifully and artistically curated shows I have seen in awhile. Between the vibrant colors of the circus prints to the iconic images of Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Grand Ol’ Oprey’s Minnie Pearl, these images tell the history and culture of our country. The “Make Readies” by Charles Anderson were outstanding and made you awe in wonder that they were created from one some may have considered “garbage”. This show is a MUST SEE!!


2. Buried Child

The City Theatre Company

Sam T. from Austin,TX said:

This was a great production of a Shepard classic! Every role was pitch perfect and watching these chilling performances is worth the price of admission alone. Wray Crawford and Keylee Paige Koop were especially effective, but the rest of the cast was brilliant as well.


3. Mary Stuart

Austin Shakespeare

Ryan from Austin, TX said:
“Two titans are colliding…”

…in Friedrich Schiller’s bold, elegant and stirring drama, “Mary Stuart.” But prick your ears, because despite compelling simplicity from designers Aaron Bell and Jason Amato, words are the weapons that carry this twisting tale along. Elizabeth I and her cousin Queen of Scotts, Mary, are bursting with sentiments they are completely capable of sharpening into complex and moving speech. But even if the power and emotion on display in these two “female kings” seems raw, it’s not base. The issues here are bigger even than life and death, encompassing divine right of royalty, justice, redemption – and a ruler’s delicate dance between that which she believes to be right, that which pleases her people, and that which feeds her soul. The word is epic. And Austin Shakespeare communicates this epic nature, aided not only by the luscious Rollins Theatre, but by the considerable talent and work shining through a strong ensemble cast led by Helen Merino and Pamela Christian.


4. The Bawdy Five

The Baron\’s Men

Jason from Austin Texas said:
“Bawdy to the bone”

The Baron’s Men hit the nail on the head with this sexy erotic Medieval play. Played at The Curtain Theatre the surroundings were magical and I felt as if I was taken back to Medieval times and watched this in the actual period of the day. This was a very funny play full of all the humor that you would expect from this great troop. I laughed till I cried as did many in the audience. I honestly had no idea that Chaucer could be so naughty and funny! The Pregnant nuns was probably my favorite part of the play, bringing out many of the cast and just getting down right comical. If you have a chance get out to The Curtain Theatre and experience this for your self. The Baron’s Men have brought back something magical in their outstanding performance. I look forward to seeing many shows by them in the future. 


6. John and Jen

Penfold Theatre Company

Miss Jane from Austin, Texas said:
“Miss Jane”

This is a must-see show. I know from experience that putting on a musical with only two actors is a very daring undertaking, and these two actors totally pull it off. Great acting, singing, physical presence and very creative use of the space. They must be doing something right…the Hideout theater was almost full, it was opening weekend (I think) AND Superbowl Sunday. Great to see a good crowd out for home-grown Austin theater.


7. The Flaming Idiots

ZACH Theatre

Jay Y from Austin, TX said:
“Great Show”

I remember first seeing the Flaming Idiots, made of Pyro, Gyro, and Walter, at the Texas Renaissance Festival back in 1993, and haven’t seen them since. I don’t remember much about the event, but their act always stood out very clearly. I was glad to hear that they were on a re-union tour, and was not disappointed in the show. They did some of the routines I remember well, such as Pyro climbing on top of a large man from the audience, standing on his shoulders, and juggling torches, and Walter walking in the middle of Pyro and Gyro juggling Bowling Pins. I’m always amazed when I watch physical talents performed with ease- it shows that our world is not quite how we perceive it, which I find very entertaining. Catch the Flaming Idiots while you can!


8. Desire

The Blanton Museum of Art

Contessa from Austin, TX said:
“Unleash Inibitions and Cross Boundries”

Titillating and Tantalizing come to mind when describing the wonderfully curated new show at The Blanton! Desire is just that. Prepare to push any old-fashioned or conservative boundaries aside! Favorite pieces to make sure to check out include Robert Kushner’s “Scriptorium, Georganne Deen’s “The Inner Cry” and Petah Coyne’s “Untitled #1103. Also, The Blanton has added some pieces from their collection that represent Desire including Paul Cezanne’s “Les Baigneurs”!

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