Keep Austin Artsy Podcast: Return to High School with McCallum High’s Bilingual Evita

Keep Austin Artsy Podcast was produced by Beth Cortez-Neavel and Susie Gidseg. Keep Austin Artsy Podcast is a project of the Greater Austin Creative Alliance and

Today, Beth and I returned to high school. Her high school to be exact, McCallum Fine Arts Academy. When you enter the theatre, teacher Julie Wright is teaching a sophomore drama class. The kids are up on stage, playing improv games. The theatre is large and inviting. The teens, many of whom transferred into McCallum from other schools just to get additional training in the art form of their choice, are bright and engaging.I think it brought both Beth and I back to our own high school art glory days. We stood there for a moment and took it all in.

The reason we are back in high school on a rainy Friday morning? McCallum, known for staging difficult, but ultimately triumphant performances of large scale musicals, ( Remember last years RENT controversy?) Is at it again. This time with a bilingual production of Evita. Although the rehearsals are tough, the spanish music a challenge, and the production a huge one, each one of these teens clearly has the theatre bug,and they have it bad. We got the pleasure to speak to 4 of the cast members from Evita about the in’s and out’s of being a student-actor at McCallum, and what this production of Evita really means to them. We visited with Brennan Martinez ( Mistress), Cody Moffitt ( Chorus), Jack Busa ( Chorus), and Rush Evans ( Che.)

Congrats to McCallum high school for producing such an intense show ( they also plan to take the show to Costa Rica this summer for a few performances) and to the students for giving each show ( and this podcast) everything they’ve got. We’ve got a bit of song, some childhood acting memories, a few attention seekers, and a bunch of talent. Make sure to listen to the podcasts,and see this show! We will post one podcast today, and the other three tomorrow. Stay tuned.

VENUE: McCallum Theatre

ORGANIZATION: McCallum Theatre

TIMES: Thu, Feb. 25 – Sun, Feb. 28 7 p.m.; Thu, March 4 – Sun, March 7 7 p.m.

COST: Students-$6, Seniors-$10,All others-$12
For more about Evita, please contact Scott Tatum at or 512-940-5004 .

For more events and other arts listings, visit Make sure to look for the Keep AustinArtsy Podcast, every friday, right here!

Brennan Martinez

Cody Moffitt


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