Keep Austin Artsy Podcast: Dance With the One

In the few months that the Keep Austin Artsy Podcast has been working its magic with local austin arts events, we have mixed and mingled with visual art, theatre, special events, festivals, screen printing and many other mediums. However, we had yet to tackle a film. With SXSW upon us like a freight train, we were ready to delve into the world of movie making. What better way then getting inside the heads of local screenwriters- Smith Henderson and John Marc Smith, and Director Mike Dolan. All are gearing up for the premiere of their film, Dance With the One– shot locally, and born here in Austin.

Dance with the One, a family crime drama, is the first feature film that UTFI ( University of Texas Film Institute) has produced. Pairing a Director with a screenwriting team , and providing help and resources, a tight budget, and a bunch of students willing to work, its clear that the UTFI system of doing things is really paying off.

Dance With the One is a film about family, and what you do when the people you love the most screw it all up, and about grief and how you deal with it. From finding the perfect actor on the side of the road, to what you do when your lead actor crashes the car that he drives in the film, mid shoot, to unexpected challenges of shooting on location- like-what to do when the creek you are about to film in is suddenly without water, these guys take us on a filmmaking journey. Local austin talent Gabriel Luna and Xochitl Romero star.

It always moves me to see people making work that they are extremely passionate about. Jon Marc, Smith and Mike are no exception. This movie was shot in 08, the deep connection they still hold to the material , even two years later, is riveting. See this film.

Part 1:

Part 2:

03/15 Alamo Ritz 1, 7:30 PM
03/16 Alamo S.Lamar, 2:30
03/20 Paramount, 2:30

Dance with the One on Facebook.


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