Keep Austin Artsy Podcast: Post Oedipus

Keep Austin Artsy Podcast was produced by Beth Cortez-Neavel and Susie Gidseg. Keep Austin Artsy Podcast is a project of the Greater Austin Creative Alliance, and Now Playing Austin.

Austin is an interconnected web of talent. Bring together friends from the past. Pair up a local theatre with a local indie theatre company. Mix in a playwright who is a personal friend of both the companies. Shake around.Perform.

We all know the story of Oedipus. But this is something different.  Based on the play The Phoenician Women, Post- Oedipus, a new play by Steven Gridley, was formed.

According to the Getalong Gang’s website:

“Post-Oedipus is a radical re-working of Euripides’ play The Phoenician Women, chronicling the tumultuous events of Oedipus’ family after his fall.

Post-Oedipus uses warped time, musical interjections, chaotic revelries, and intolerable silences to unravel the mental state of a family after disaster. At once a stunning family drama and a jaunt into the absurd, Post-Oedipus will delight and challenge audiences.”

While I can honestly say that I’m not sure exactly what goes down in the Blue Theatre and Getalong Gangs performance of Post- Oedipus, the odds are it is going to be really cool. And not mainstream. And may push people’s boundaries a little.

After sitting down with Jenny Gravenstein and Nicole Portwood ( owners of the Blue, and co-producers), as well as actor Stephen Cruz, its clear that these are actors passionate both about the work they are performing, but also about the rehearsal process. They invite the Austin arts committee to challenge themselves by pushing themselves out of their comfort box and seeing this piece. We second that notion. Hear more about it below.

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Run Dates:

March 25 – April 11 • Thursdays – Saturdays @ 8pm, Sundays @ 2pm • The Blue Theatre

Tickets here. Discount tickets here.

Photo credit Daniel Brock.

Podcast Below


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