Keep Austin Artsy Podcast: Temple and Fear and Desire

Keep Austin Artsy Podcast was produced by Beth Cortez-Neavel and Susie Gidseg. Keep Austin Artsy Podcast is a project of the Greater Austin Creative Alliance, and Now Playing Austin.

Temple/Fear and Desire mixes together two friends, two musical inspirations, A bunch of dancers,and some chocolate cake. Dance always intrigues me. it intrigues me, because everyone perceives something different while watching it. Temple/Fear and Desire are no exception. The choreographers for these two short pieces seem to have a plan that works. They each have created a short pieces. They combine them in the same night, and viola- have a short dance show. They talk with us, the morning after their opening night, about how they became dancers, what their choreography process is like, what comes first- the music or the dance, and what sort of inspiration really goes into it all. For anyone who wants to know how a piece of dance gets born, or how to support 2 local choreographers, and a composer by seeing their show- then check out this podcast. We have been warned that both the chocolate cake, and some champagne are present on stage. For the rest, you’ll just have to check it out yourself!

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From their Website

Temple/Fear and Desire : A shared evening of innovative contemporary dance
Rosalyn Nasky’s new work Temple invites viewers into the suspended world of a solitary being. Completely alone and beyond, energy shifts and frequencies scream. Infinite depth within a human body and mind. Sound Design by: Tom Benton

Katherine Hodges presents, “Fear and Desire”. Dances about obsessions, dreams, secret longings, dysfunctional behavior and losing control. Featuring new choreography from Katherine Hodges and a collaborative piece with Danielle Casey.
Performed by: Amber Burkley-Bright, Danielle Casey, Katie Mae Hebert, Kat Hutton, Katherine Hodges and Tiffany Plante.
Music by: Adam Sultan
Lighting design by: Brigette Hutchison

Performance Times: Fri-Sat, 8 pm. Salvage Vanguard Theatre.
Tickets are $12 adults $6 children under 13. Or buy em here!

Podcast Below!


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