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1. Phantom of the Opera

Texas Performing Arts
March 17-April 4, 2010

Linda M. from Austin, TX said:

Phantom of the Opera….the production, the design, the music, and acting is worth every cent to see this amazing Broadway musical. We were awed by the scenery; a boat floating on a lake on the stage??? WOW!!!!

2. How the Other Half Loves
The City Theatre Company
March 25-April 18, 2010

Jay Y. from Austin, TX said:
“A Must-See

How the Other Half Loves is one of the best productions that City Theatre has put on- and that’s saying something. The play is about two couples- the Phillips and the Fosters- the spouse in one, Bob Phillips is having an affair with the spouse of the other, Fiona Foster- with a third couple, the Featherstones, caught in the middle. We see the Phillips and Fosters and get to know the way their marriages are working. They share the same stage and sometimes the same props, but are clearly supposed to be in their own homes and unaware of each other- the way that was pulled off was very clever. In addition, toward the end of the first act, both of the troubled couples agree to have the Featherstones over for dinner, though the Featherstones are clearly supposed to be in different houses at the same time. The acting was uniformly satisfying, and the staging keeps one’s attention throughout. Derek Jones was particularly good as the working-class Bob Phillips. Highly recommended.

3. American Letterpress: The Art of the Hatch Show Print

Austin Museum of Art
February 13-May 9, 2010

Ruby Sinclair from Austin, TX said:

This is one of the most beautifully and artistically curated shows I have seen in awhile. Between the vibrant colors of the circus prints to the iconic images of Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Grand Ol’ Oprey’s Minnie Pearl, these images tell the history and culture of our country. The “Make Readies” by Charles Anderson were outstanding and made you awe in wonder that they were created from one some may have considered “garbage”. This show is a MUST SEE!!

4. Post-Oedipus
Getalong Gang Performance Group and The Blue Theatre
March 25-April 11, 2010

Casleen from Austin, TX said:

I saw Post Oedipus last weekend, and I have to say that I was completely delighted! The acting was the best I’ve seen in Austin in quite some time. There isn’t a weak link in the group. Every moment of the show takes you by surprise, and it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before on stage. It will break your heart AND make you laugh, and it is all so very genuine and compelling. We are all still talking about it, days later.

5. The Carpetbagger’s Children

Different Stages
March 19-April 10, 2010

kholenkhov from Austin, TX said:
“Carpetbagger’s Children”

The Carpetbagger’s Children is told primarily through monologues of three sisters (all of whom are on stage for the duration of the play) with only the occasional interaction. During the intermission-less 90 minutes, we’re told the story of a carpetbagger’s family and the land he leaves behind to his children and his wife (who descends into senility) after his death. The events are human and relatable (I have some of these people in my own family) but nothing truly remarkable, and in the end it seems more like a theatrical experiment by the great Foote rather than a truly successful play. The evening relies fully on the characters and thankfully, they’re presented by three wonderful actresses (Kathy Rose Center, Jennifer Underwood, and especially Anne Hulsman) with vivid nuance. It may take you some time to get into the story, but once you give yourself over to the lives of these characters, you’ll find yourself enjoying a lovely low-key slice of life.

6. Desire
The Blanton Museum of Art
February 5-April 25, 2010

Contessa from Austin, TX said:
“Unleash Inhibitions and Cross Boundaries”

Titillating and Tantalizing come to mind when describing the wonderfully curated new show at The Blanton! Desire is just that. Prepare to push any old-fashioned or conservative boundaries aside! Favorite pieces to make sure to check out include Robert Kushner’s “Scriptorium, Georganne Deen’s “The Inner Cry” and Petah Coyne’s “Untitled #1103. Also, The Blanton has added some pieces from their collection that represent Desire including Paul Cezanne’s “Les Baigneurs”!

7. Harvey
Georgetown Palace Theatre, Inc.
March 26-April 18, 2010

Jane F. from Austin, TX said:
“A Must See Play!”

If you’ve ever felt a little bit different or misunderstood, you MUST see Harvey. A warm-hearted, screwball comedy with a beautiful message. As professional a production as any on Broadway, the power and talent of this cast really got to me! I’m coming to see it again!!

8.The Fantasticks

Way Off Broadway Community Players
March 26-April 11, 2010

Jim Michell from Austin, Texas said:
“The Fantasticks: A Real Gem — Way Off Broadway in Leander”

We all enjoy big production musicals … but this weekend my wife and I came upon a wonderful discovery in a small, unassuming theater in rural Leander. For a very affordable $20/person, we thoroughly enjoyed the Way Off Broadway Community Players production of The Fantasticks. Wending our way from Austin to Leander, we found a small, but very enthusiastic cast in an excellent performance of a superb musical comedy. Overall, this bittersweet and highly entertaining love story is enhanced by outstanding vocal and instrumental performances. Nonetheless, one of the most interesting characters (and characterizations) is the Mute played by Michelle Stuckey. Her highly articulated expressions are a delight — keep an eye on her! We had a terrific evening. If you’re looking for something a bit different I strongly recommend a bit of true Americana at the Crystal Falls Playhouse in Leander ( — but hurry, they only have a couple of weekends left.


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