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1. Sleeping Beauty
Vortex Repertory Company
April 2-May 2, 2010

Celia Hughes from Austin, TX USA said:

Bonnie Cullum has pulled off a masterpiece in a very small space. I loved every minute of this well crafted and costumed retelling of the Sleeping Beauty tale. There were several younger children in the audience, and they seemed engaged and entranced by it all. Really. Don’t miss it!

2. Excuse Me While I Change
The City Theatre Company
April 22-April 25, 2010

Theater lover from west lake hills, tx said:
“You don’t want to miss this one!”

The SRO February engagement was the most fun I had at a live theater event this year. Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, and always entertaining. Highly recommended.

3. In the Heights
Texas Performing Arts
April 20-April 25, 2010

JoAnna from austin said:
“A Real treat!”

In the Heights No wonder In the Heights won 4 Tonys including Best Musical. It’s really a universal cheer for hope, home and dreams. The music is rich and kaleidoscopic, from jazz to hip-hop all within New York’s 181st Street A-train stop to the G.W. Bridge. The Sultry Salsas to Caribbean dances feel like they may have jumped off the street. This musical is high energy and very engaging from beginning to end. A must-see: it’s still running on Broadway and now touring fewer than 20 cities–and Austin gets the treat.

4. American Letterpress: The Art of the Hatch Show Print
Austin Museum of Art
February 13-May 9, 2010

Ruby Sinclair from Austin, TX said:

This is one of the most beautifully and artistically curated shows I have seen in awhile. Between the vibrant colors of the circus prints to the iconic images of Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Grand Ol’ Oprey’s Minnie Pearl, these images tell the history and culture of our country. The “Make Readies” by Charles Anderson were outstanding and made you awe in wonder that they were created from one some may have considered “garbage”. This show is a MUST SEE!!

5. Our Town
ZACH Theatre
April 15-May 23, 2010

Steven Fearing from Austin, Texas said:
“Our Town’s Message”

Director Dave Steakley has brought Wilder’s Our Town to Austin with a contemporary yet timeless feel. This is commentary on our town anywhere, anytime – on human life transitions and our short time on Earth. It could easily be the small town of Grover Corners, Texas. No matter, Our Town says: pay attention to what life brings and accept the inevitable seasons of change. Jaston Williams is a perfect Stage Manager to share the story of Grover Corners and invite us to learn Wilder’s universal lessons. Jordan McRae as Emily Webb is radiant and convincing but the entire cast is great, too many to mention. The audience moved into the rehearsal studio for Act II’s wedding. We were a community together, enjoying fantastic soloist, Laura Benedict. Staging in two places worked remarkably well. Performances aside, Our Town is about the opportunity (taken or missed) of human connection during “Life”, “Love”, and “Death.” I recommend seeing this play and hearing this message again.

6. Keeping Track
Teatro Vivo
April 8-April 25, 2010

Vicki McKain from Austin, TX said:
“Delightful family portrait”

Spend a delightful evening or afternoon with this family and a friend and you will leave feeling happy. This is a cleverly written comedy by Erica Saenz who plays the part of the friend. The set is sparse and the play relies heavily on characters, who do not disappoint. The friend as well as the mother (JoJanie Segura) and half-brother (Matt Sadler) are hilarious. These actors add much to the moments and their delivery of the comedic lines. The other actors, Karen Alvarado, Martinique Duchene, and Rick Olmas give just as much to their roles. The story is about bonds and expectations in relationships. It is not all humor. There are disagreements between people and heartwarming moments as well. I look forward to more plays by Ms. Saenz and to productions by Teatro Vivo. Go see this show. You’ll enjoy your time with this family.

7. Desire
The Blanton Museum of Art
February 5-April 25, 2010

Contessa from Austin, TX said:
“Unleash Inibitions and Cross Boundries”

Titillating and Tantalizing come to mind when describing the wonderfully curated new show at The Blanton! Desire is just that. Prepare to push any old-fashioned or conservative boundaries aside! Favorite pieces to make sure to check out include Robert Kushner’s “Scriptorium, Georganne Deen’s “The Inner Cry” and Petah Coyne’s “Untitled #1103. Also, The Blanton has added some pieces from their collection that represent Desire including Paul Cezanne’s “Les Baigneurs”!

8. Picasso at the Lapin Agile
Austin Playhouse
March 26-May 2, 2010

Vicki from Austin, TX said:
“Absurdity with thought”

This play is for those who enjoy absurdist humor and slapstick with their philosophy. It revolves around musings on art, science, and the 20th century. It is fast paced and the cast(Einstein and Picasso are not the only stars.) portray their colorful characters well. The characters propose ideas, spout one-liners, and provide surprises. There is much saucy humor along with some serious ideas. The audience frequently erupted with laughter over silly happenings and conversations. This imaginary meeting results in humorous ideas and insights about the creative process and events in the last century.

9. Miguel Santana – The Marien Revelation
April 23, 2010

Stephen from Austin, TX said:
“A stimulating book!”

Don’t read this book if you are one of those who have chosen not to think, learn and revise what you thought you knew. This is a book that begs to be read again and again.


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