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1. “Bash: Three Plays”

The Vestige Group

closing tonight~!

Avg. Event Rating (4.1 Stars): 4 out of 5 stars rating Reviews: 13

John Fitchen from Tucson, AZ said:
“You must see this”

Wow! If you like to see plays about “happily ever after” then this is not the play for you. But if you believe in live theatre and your taste runs a little (or a lot) darker and deeper, this production will remind you why you believe. It is intimate, gut-wrenching, tender, horrible, powerful, and thought-provoking. There’s nothing cheerful here (the third part is Medea Redux, so what would you expect) but you’ll be richer for having seen it. The other reviews correctly praise the performances of all the actors, especially Jen Brown. On a personal note, I drove from Houston to see this play, knowing nothing of the company and not having seen any reviews. The delivery of the opening sentence let me know it was worth it. By the time the plays had finished it was clear this had been a highlight of a long journey. Even seeing only the third play (Medea Redux) would have justified a drive from much further away than Houston. “Bash” has gotten under my skin and it won’t let go!


2. Our Body: The Universe Within

H. J. Lutcher Stark Center for Physical Culture & Sports

April 24, 2010 – Ongoing

Avg. Event Rating (4.3 Stars): 4.5 out of 5 stars rating Reviews: 6

from said:
“Our Body!”

Our Body: The Universe Within is a wonderful opportunity to view a stunning and well-presented exhibit of the human body. You WILL see and understand the body like you never have before… regardless of your background. ALL of the body “items” shown have undergone a process which preserves and make them plastic-like. There are many full bodies shown in various ways so that you may study the many different and interrelated systems that make up the human body. There are also many exhibits of body parts: hands, feet, lungs, liver, muscles, etc…. available for detailed study. In terms of logistics: The exhibit is well lit, there is quiet music playing in the background, some museum patrons are silently studying the bodies, some patrons are quietly chatting with their friends about what they are viewing, there are some benches to sit down on should you need to rest…More at 


3. The Red Balloon

Tongue and Groove Theatre

May 20-May 30, 2010

Avg. Event Rating (4.4 Stars): 4.5 out of 5 stars rating Reviews: 4

from said:
“The Red Balloon”

Adults and children both will be carried away in this fun and fascinating hour of theatre–all without a spoken word. Experience the magic–from a kid’s point of view–of a day played out in mime, live music, dance, and mixed with animation! Yes, animation, what a creative media to weave with other theatrical elements to support a delightful narration. Enjoy a night where dancing with umbrellas, playground shuffles and even finding a magical balloon seem so natural and believable. Excellent acting by adults playing kid, and original music by a pot-pourri pit orchestra of fine musicians makes The Red Balloon a superbly woven, heartwarming story where you’ll float away on the magic of the story. 


4. Get Yourself into Trouble

TroublePuppet Theater Company

May 27, 2010

Avg. Event Rating (5.0 Stars): 5 out of 5 stars rating Reviews: 2

from said:
“Trouble like this comes but once a year”

This event is always amazing! Fun, creative, interactive. Plus the raffle tickets are included in the entry fee, so everyone who shows up has a chance to win the really whimsical little puppet prizes. 


5. Chris Jordan: Running the Numbers

Austin Museum of Art

May 22-August 15, 2010

Avg. Event Rating (5.0 Stars): 5 out of 5 stars rating Reviews: 1

Ruby Sinclair from Austin, TX said:
“Inspiring and Thought-Provoking!”

I continue to be amazed and delighted by the work that AMoA is bringing here to Austin!! Chris Jordan’s work is profound and I highly recommend everyone to go and see it. His large-scale digital prints resonate the true impact that today’s society has made on waste, the environment, and quality of life.


6. Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Georgetown Palace Theatre, Inc.

May 7-June 6, 2010

Avg. Event Rating (5.0 Stars): 5 out of 5 stars rating Reviews: 1

Larry G. from Austin, TX said:
“Great family entertainment!”

I took my family to Joseph last Saturday night and it was well worth the drive to Georgetown. The show rocked from start to finish, even better than the Donny Osmond movie. The leads were wonderful, especially Joseph and the Narrator, and everyone in the place is having a great time. You know how much we enjoyed it? We’ve bought the CD and we’re going back next weekend! 


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