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1. Our Body: The Universe Within
H. J. Lutcher Stark Center for Physical Culture & Sports
April 24, 2010 – Ongoing

Avg. Event Rating (4.3 Stars): 4.5 out of 5 stars rating

Our Body: The Universe Within is a wonderful opportunity to view a stunning and well-presented exhibit of the human body. You WILL see and understand the body like you never have before… regardless of your background. ALL of the body “items” shown have undergone a process which preserves and make them plastic-like. There are many full bodies shown in various ways so that you may study the many different and interrelated systems that make up the human body. There are also many exhibits of body parts: hands, feet, lungs, liver, muscles, etc…. available for detailed study. In terms of logistics: The exhibit is well lit, there is quiet music playing in the background, some museum patrons are silently studying the bodies, some patrons are quietly chatting with their friends about what they are viewing, there are some benches to sit down on should you need to rest…More at

2. BUG

Capital T Theatre Company

May 27-June 19, 2010

Avg. Event Rating (4.5 Stars): 4.5 out of 5 stars rating

Anne deBuys from Santa Fe, NM USA said:
“capital T Astounds Again”

(Please note: this is a rewrite of a formerly submitted review.) Director Mark Pickell has again assembled the kick-ass cast from last summer’s extended-run production of “Killer Joe” for another stunning Tracy Letts drama, “Bug.” The first act builds a quirky love story between two lonely misfits, with a backdrop of menacing domestic violence and moments of humor. So, going into the second act, the audience is disarmed as tension builds around interlocking conspiracies much bigger and more terrifying than the lead characters’ relationship first implied. Both action and emotions explode as revelations build on each other. Performances by the five-member cast are intense and visceral. Images from this powerful production have stayed with me for days. Do NOT miss seeing “Bug.”

3. Matisse as Printmaker
The Blanton Museum of Art
May 23-August 22, 2010

Avg. Event Rating (3.8 Stars): 4 out of 5 stars rating

Preston Kirk from Austin (Spicewood) Texas, USA said:
“Out of the Shadow”

Henri Matisse, perhaps better known as a sculptor and an extraordinary artist, is revealed at the Blanton as a thoughtful, sometimes edgy printmaker, exploring such techniques and processes for more than 50 of his 85 years. Unless you’re a serious art student, you don’t really have to know an etching from an aquatint; a monotype from a lithograph; a woodcut from a linoleum cut. Simply appreciate this exhibition of graphic virtuosity. There are 61 pieces of art, some as series, drawings of his children and even a self portrait. However Matisse’s narrow range focused on one of his favorite themes, nudes (mine, too), typically reclining or seated. Jay Fisher of the Baltimore Museum of Art has organized the works in a manner that elevates the viewer’s appreciation of the artist’s ongoing refinements. Each unfolding sequence is like “a pause along the path” of Matisse’s expanding, artistic sensibilities. The lighting is subdued in this gallery, so take a few minutes (more)
4. Chris Jordan: Running the Numbers

Austin Museum of Art

May 22-August 15, 2010

Avg. Event Rating (5.0 Stars): 5 out of 5 stars rating Reviews: 1

Ruby Sinclair from Austin, TX said:
“Inspiring and Thought-Provoking!”

I continue to be amazed and delighted by the work that AMoA is bringing here to Austin!! Chris Jordan’s work is profound and I highly recommend everyone to go and see it. His large-scale digital prints resonate the true impact that today’s society has made on waste, the environment, and quality of life.
5. Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Georgetown Palace Theatre, Inc.

May 7-June 6, 2010

Avg. Event Rating (5.0 Stars): 5 out of 5 stars rating Reviews: 1

Larry G. from Austin, TX said:
“Great family entertainment!”

I took my family to Joseph last Saturday night and it was well worth the drive to Georgetown. The show rocked from start to finish, even better than the Donny Osmond movie. The leads were wonderful, especially Joseph and the Narrator, and everyone in the place is having a great time. You know how much we enjoyed it? We’ve bought the CD and we’re going back next weekend!

6. The Wife of Bath’s Tale

Lorella Loftus

May 28-June 13, 2010

Avg. Event Rating (3.2 Stars): 3 out of 5 stars rating Reviews: 3

Steven Fearing from Austin, TX said:
“Clever and Demanding”

Straddling the fence of satire and direct polemic, Lorella Loftus deftly delivers a fast paced onslaught of bawdy reflections on Chaucer’s insight from the Wife of Bath: women most desire to be in control of their husbands and lovers. With five husbands buried, Loftus schools us on marriage, chastity, domination, the pernicious power of religion and the pre-eminence of female erotic power to combat all adversaries of female self-determination. This adaptation is clever and theatrically demanding. Loftus is up to the task! Andy Agne serves as great foil for her exhortations and truly excels in depicting the men in her life from the well-crafted “video” design by Kell Condon. Sound design by David DeMaris and graphic illustrations by Ann Marie Gordon are perfectly rendered. Although the cockney accent and smattering of Middle English were too “thick” to decipher every word, couples were listening and probably took these lessons home with them, for better or worse.
7. Machinal

Paper Chairs

May 28-June 13, 2010

Avg. Event Rating (4.0 Stars): 4 out of 5 stars rating Reviews: 1

L.Johnson from Austin, TX said:
“The breaking of the heart & soul like fine china in silence.”

WoW! I hadn’t expected this, not a moment spared on dribble, characters so defined as to be authentic. Truly a remarkable piece involved storytelling at it’s finest. Silence and Sound so seemlessly engaged me into each new event. Well done and a truly remarkable piece of theater in Austin.
8. 69 Love Scenes

Gnap! Theater Projects

May 21-June 12, 2010

Avg. Event Rating (4.0 Stars): 4 out of 5 stars rating Reviews: 1

Pauline R from Austin, TX said:
“Amusingly intimate!”

I LOVED THIS SHOW! Sadly, I had never heard of Stephen Merritt or his songs. But after googling him up and watching a few videos, I knew this show was departure from traditional theater, and wanted to see it. Stephens songs inspired the writers and actors to conjure up some refreshingly honest and amusing loves scenes about ALL of loves myriad illusions, foibles, inspirations and riches. I was particularly impressed with choice made in the crowd or party scenes. Each cast member plays a diversity of roles and seemed to be having a great time with them all. 69 Love Scenes is enchantingly unpredictable, amusingly honest and engagingly intimate. I plan to see parts 1 and 3 the next two weeks. Hope to see you there!


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