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1. The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told

The City Theatre Company

June 10-July 4, 2010

Ruby Sinclair from Austin, TX said:
“SO Fabulously worth it!!!!”

Lesson Learned #1: 11 Commandments (The first 10 plus don’t wear white after labor day!) Lesson Learned #2: Love, Faith, and Understanding takes time and patience. As controversial as this play has been in media, religious groups, etc…there is something that those “against” the play are missing. The message! Under the hilarity of this very well performed comedy, there is a deep message of love. That it isn’t easy. But that when you have faith in that love, you can overcome even the hardest of obstacles. I enjoyed this play so very much and commend the actors, director, and The City Theatre for not only a great performance but having the class and dignity to put up with all the hate!


2. Our Body: The Universe Within

H. J. Lutcher Stark Center for Physical Culture & Sports

April 24, 2010 – Ongoing

Our Body: The Universe Within is a wonderful opportunity to view a stunning and well-presented exhibit of the human body. You WILL see and understand the body like you never have before… regardless of your background. ALL of the body “items” shown have undergone a process which preserves and make them plastic-like. There are many full bodies shown in various ways so that you may study the many different and interrelated systems that make up the human body. There are also many exhibits of body parts: hands, feet, lungs, liver, muscles, etc…. available for detailed study. In terms of logistics: The exhibit is well lit, there is quiet music playing in the background, some museum patrons are silently studying the bodies, some patrons are quietly chatting with their friends about what they are viewing, there are some benches to sit down on should you need to rest…More at


3. Becky’s New Car

ZACH Theatre

June 3-July 11, 2010

Pammyla Brooks from Austin, Texas said:
“Fast-Paced New Show at Zach”

This is a very enjoyable show, as the plot twists and turns unexpectedly. It features some of Austin’s finest talent and teachers, who do a great job on Zach Scott’s intimate theater-in-the-round. The actors explore the “Fourth Wall” as they refer to the audience, and interact with us at unexpected times throughout the performance. This works well and causes the audience to feel like we are welcome in their homes. The writer also uses the delightful device of jumping from home to work in a split-second. Wouldn’t that be convenient if we could all do that? Since I have two degrees in Psychology, I thoroughly enjoyed the psychological references and terminology. The terms made the audience laugh yet added extra depth for me. Especially the second act will keep you on your toes, as it is very fast-paced, with actors coming and going. I am confused by the ending, since it does not follow the New Car metaphor that Becky explains early on, but I don’t wish to ruin the ending for you! Enjoy! 



Capital T Theatre Company

May 27-June 26, 2010

Anne deBuys from Santa Fe, NM USA said:
“capital T Astounds Again”

(Please note: this is a rewrite of a formerly submitted review.) Director Mark Pickell has again assembled the kick-ass cast from last summer’s extended-run production of “Killer Joe” for another stunning Tracy Letts drama, “Bug.” The first act builds a quirky love story between two lonely misfits, with a backdrop of menacing domestic violence and moments of humor. So, going into the second act, the audience is disarmed as tension builds around interlocking conspiracies much bigger and more terrifying than the lead characters’ relationship first implied. Both action and emotions explode as revelations build on each other. Performances by the five-member cast are intense and visceral. Images from this powerful production have stayed with me for days. Do NOT miss seeing “Bug.” 


5. Sycorax

Weird Sisters Women\’s Theater Collective

June 17-June 27, 2010

Crystal* from Austin, TX said:
“Hear Sycorax Roar!”

A masterful script by Susan Todd – a fun imagining of the life of Sycorax, a briefly mentioned character in Shakespeare’s the Tempest. The all female cast was a delight. The highlight being Fleiz Dia McDonald as Ariel – the spirit that brings Sycorax all of her powers. Azure Osborne-Lee’s peformance as Sycorax is bold and powerful. A creative new myth which is not to be missed.

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