Top 10 Events for the Week!

From “Profound Play with Exceptional Performances:”

“Raped Clarity is exceptionally well written. It is very realistic and completely convincing, pulling on every emotion. I found myself putting myself in Kensington’s shoes and wondered how I would deal with such life changing events. Rape and domestic violence are tough topics to discuss, yet all the actors delivered solid performances. Very impressive! This play is worth every minute!”

From “A fine end to City Theatre’s season:”

“Into the Woods is not an easy musical to execute, especially in a space as small as City Theatre’s. Nonetheless, Andy Berkovsky pulled it off beautifully, marking a wonderful end to the City Theare’s 4th season. The plot involves a Baker and his wife who are forced into the woods by a wicked witch and cross paths with several fairy tale characters, including Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and Jack (of Beanstalk fame). If the reader does not know the story, I will let them see the reason for the woodland adventure and how it unfolds at the theatre. All of the performances were great- for me the stand-outs were Rapunzel’s prince, the witch, and Lil Red. Into the Woods is justly one of the most popular musicals, particularly since it brings beloved characters from childhood and gives them a new and interesting spin. Congratulations to City Theatre for pulling it off so well, and I know that kids of all ages will enjoy it. ”

    3. Our Body: The Universe Within

From “Our Body:” “Our Body,The Universe Within is an extraordinary exhibit in an promising new Austin museum. I left in deeper reverence and gratitude for the miracle of the human body, and for the generous souls whose bodies will forever grace humanity’s understanding of itself. This exhibit inspired me to become increasingly mindful of what I eat, as well as how and when I eat, breathe, move and exercise. Children seemed equally entranced and inspired. I heard several good questions from them, and not a trace of fear or disgust. I also left feeling even more convinced, that anything organized to work together in such an intricate awe inspiring way, has to be for some higher purpose.Hopefully, the more we understand how to do that, the better off our souls and humanity will eventually be. ”

    4. Discovering the Language of Photography: The Gernsheim Collection

From “See again and again:” ”
The fact that we have an opportunity to see such amazing works of art…and that they are such an ingrained part of the history of art… makes me feel so blessed to live in Austin! Outstanding… Collapse

The fact that we have an opportunity to see such amazing works of art…and that they are such an ingrained part of the history of art… makes me feel so blessed to live in Austin! Outstanding exhibit! I will be back multiple times during the course of the time it is here! And kudos to Harry Ransom Center for not only a great exhibit but a terrific opening reception! A must do again for every opening they have!”

    5. The Tempest

From “Rich, Beautifl Production:” “All the elements in Austin Shakespeare’s production were rich, well thought out, and often dreamlike. Of course, Shakespeare’s flowing, poetic language is rich with “spillage of the mouth”; and words are the source of power in this play, which is full of magic and illusion. The lighting was gorgeous throughout from the beautiful, vivid colors to the shadows of trees on the island ground. The use of suspended media in one scene was quite inspired. The abstractness and fluidity was mesmerizing. The sound, music, and costumes also added to the simple set to spark the imagination of the audience. The directing and acting were excellent in portraying power, deceit, manipulation, revenge, notions of justice, love of family, want of freedom, mercy, and forgiveness in the play. Ariel was delightful, the actors as drunkards added humor, and others illicited sympathy or anger from the audience. Shakespeare lovers will enjoy this production, and it would be a great introduction for novices.”

    6. Metamorphoses

From “Ovid for Today:” “This is a lovely theatre piece. Performed at the rim of a pool, in it, or in the air by wonderful aerialists, it tells some of Ovid’s stories of young lovers who suffer such anguish from death or doubt or greed or fear that they beg to be transformed, and are, into animals, birds, trees, by the pity of the gods, who cause some of their suffering. The actors are fit, great to look at, and very good; my only quibble was with their extreme regional accents, they need more voice training to overcome the American twang. But the beauty of the material, the cast, their athleticism, and the writing of the grand poet combine to make this special and uplifting. Some of the stories, Midas who transforms his daughter into a golden statue, Eros and Psyche, Orpheus and Eurydice, are familiar, others delightfully not. David Steakley to be commended for putting on something quite unusual, which deserved its Tony when it played in NY in 2001.”

    7. MilkMilk Lemonade

From “charming, satisfying, and adventerous:” “There is much to admire about the Shrewds’ MilkMilk Lemonade, above all else the commitment of the performers to the absurd-but-familiar universe of the play. Several performances in particular stand out, particularly Joe Hartman as a gigantic drag diva chicken named Linda. He’s sexy, grounded, original, and above all, very chicken-like. Xaq Webb’s ribbon-dancing sequence deserves attention as well, for being (a) really well done while being (b) completely, hilariously ridiculous. If I had any problems with the play, it’s that the script, while being dynamic and adventurous in many ways, is actually a bit easy on the sentiment, particularly in the relationship between the two boys, and for making such a big deal about challenging gender norms, it still conforms to a fairly traditional idea of binary gender roles (butch and femme, husband and wife, etc.) That said, the two boys’ enactment of ‘marriage’ was very funny and very charming, and overall, I left the show satisfied.”

    8. From Process to Print: Graphic Works by Romare Bearden

From “Passion through graphics and color:” “Really enjoyed the Romare Bearden exhibit at AMoA. His passion for his subject matter is evident though the awesome graphics and use of color! Can’t wait to go back to spend more time with a few of my favorite pieces!”

    9. Vigil

From “Delightful:” “As an avid fan of HPT, I always expect quality and have yet to be disappointed. This play is nothing less than a jewel, with a hilarious (and dark)examination of the human heart. The characters say (or don’t say)the things we would all like to say, but are inhibited by our own fears and anxieties. It never stops moving from lights-up, to a well-deserved standing ovation for two of Austin’s finest actors. Do not miss this one!”

    10. Baha’i Faith: Expressions Monthly Poetry Series

From “We need more Poetry Readings like this!:” “Thom is a wonderful host and the venue brings established poets as well as giving a voice to new poets. A very warm, friendly environment. ”

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