Film Fest from the Weekend!

Our contingent of film-buffs was out and about all over Austin this weekend seeing some of the best the Austin Film Festival has to offer. Here are some of the highlights from our delightful members:

“The Last Lovecraft=Ridiculous/Awesome”
Review by: Allison

The Last Lovecraft follows the adventures of the last relative in the bloodline of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, the American author of horror, fantasy and science fiction. Jeff and his friend Charlie have to save the world from impending doom when the creatures from Lovecraft’s work turn out to be real. If you know nothing about H.P. Lovecraft, don’t worry, I didn’t either, but you don’t have to. The writer fills you in along the way. It’s a crazy fun time. Don’t go looking for some serious horror, this film embraces its ridiculous nature, and quite frankly, it’s fantastic!

“LUNAfest 2010 – Films for, by and About Women”
Review by: Laura

There were 9 amazing films shown tonight ranging from animated to documentary and Drama. All the films were wonderful and high quality. The Translator was a story about a foreign film translator making choices as she finds her story on a subway line. It was engaging, insightful and empowering. A little film about big moments is what the director called it. Irene is a documentary about a Scottish woman dealing with Alzheimer’s, how it affects her daughter and how she tries to keep her independence. This film made me cry because it reminded me of the struggle my own grandmother went through. Her daughter stayed with her every day to take care of her but in the end it was not safe for her to live alone. It was heart breaking to watch the struggle of mother and daughter. Love on the Line is a hinged paper doll type animation about two young lovers having “cybersex” through the telegraph. I loved the animation style and the story was very funny. Thank you to the film makers for the Q&A.

“Do You Believe In Magic?”
Review by: Mitchell Mazurek

Not only in a young girl’s heart, but in the hearts of a handful of other teenagers, too. At the Austin Film Festival, “Make Believe” is a documentary about different teen-magicians from all over the world with different amounts of experience all gearing up for and competing to be the number one teen-magician in the world at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas. “Make Believe” is an explosion of coming of age tales, as these young adults face their dreams, still with the optimism and hopefulness of youth, and then how all but one of the teenagers dreams is met with the wall of what the now-jaded adult populace would call the reality of the real world, and shows the stark nature of how one can be good but not exceptional enough to continue with one’s dreams. “Make Believe” is a story about hopes, and dreams, and passions, and longing, and you of how it felt back when you had a dream of who you would be now, and revives your inner-child so that maybe your dreams don’t need to die

All of these and more info can of course be found at the Austin Film Festival’s page on!

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