Live From the A-Team: Everything You Can Think Of

Today’s “Live from the A-Team” is going to be a smattering of reviews from all over, so get ready!

Arthouse Reopening Sneak Peek Party:

What amazing work the Arthouse is just by itself; a beautiful wooden staircase carries you to the second floor to see a wall of wonderful recipes. Gorgeous glasses and plates melted from wine bottles, cover the tables. What a cool place setting and you can purchase them for your kitchen too! Don’t forget to go on up to the roof top where lighting from the floor seeps through. It is a beautiful site to view downtown. I enjoyed it so much, I joined right on the spot, so now I’m now a member too.

Growing Season Revel 2 of 5 — The Climb:

REVEL is a truly incredible classical music band – completely one of a kind. This specific concert was an absolute joy to witness! From Chopin to Led Zeppelin, it was a joyous and eclectic concert. There is something for everyone!! Can’t wait for the rest of the season!

Hamlet at Boggy Creek Cemetery:

What a perfect place for Hamlet. What better way to see Hamlet than near the Boggy Creek Cemetery. And, what is even more wonderful, part of the proceeds taken from the play will be donated to the Boggy Creek Cemetery. Justin Scalise may be small in stature but his acting ability bold. He was joined by and excellent an cast, Todd Kassens (Ghost of King Hamlet), Patrick Kaufmann (Laertes), Julia Lorenz-Olsen (Ophelia), Brock England (Horatio, Ashley Edward (Gertrude), Andrew Matthews (Claudius), Chuck Ney (Polonius), just to name a few. The play is 3 hours long with a 15 minute intermission. Bring your money to purchase your drinks and snacks. Don’t forget your chairs or blankets.

Austin Film Festival / Black Swan — Directed by Darren Aronofsky:

Black Swan is the story of a rising ballet star as she struggles to embody both the white and black swans in the ballet Swan Lake. Nina is cast in first lead role as the Swan Queen. She has no problem being the delicate white swan but has trouble finding her inner seductress to dance the part of the black swan. She strives for complete perfection in her dancing and it is this perfection that drives her over the edge. As she loses her self in the black swan her also loses her grip on reality, having delusions and not knowing what is real. I loved the many beautiful ballet scenes. I was surprised how much ballet there was in the movie. Nina was a very whiny character. She fretted though the entire movie. I did share in her joy and cry with her when she found out she got the part. The movie left my mind in a whirl. As I left the theatre I had no idea what really happened, what was real, what was fake or why it ended they way it did. Only after some reflection could I make any sense of it.

Many of these events are still on-going or their organizations have other events currently in-progress or coming up soon, so make sure you get out there and see what you can and to check for the latest events!

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