Interview with Aymee Garcia from Shrek the Musical

Yesterday we were lucky enough to get some time with Aymee Garcia from Shrek the Musical, currently at the Bass Concert Hall until Nov. 7th.

Aymee, who is an alum of the Broadway production of Shrek the Musical, is simply amazing, and it was great to get a chance to talk to her about the musical.

Here are some of the reviews for the show from our very own A-Team:

“Enchanting and enjoyable”

Shrek the musical is a delightful staging of the popular animated movie. I was afraid the show would play too much to the kids but there was something for everyone. The costumes were amazing and I completely understand why they won the Tony in 2009. Pinocchio really looked like a wooden boy, the Wicked Witch was memorizing and Lord Farquad was genius. I was extremely impressed with the dragon. Not only was the puppet amazing but also the work of the puppeteers brought her to life so completely you never doubted she was real. There were many beautiful, fun and moving songs. One of my favorite numbers was Fiona’s song I Know It’s Today. She starts the song as a child and through out the song you see her grow up. Who I’d Be and When Words Fail were moving songs that took the musical to a deeper level. I greatly enjoyed this show and would recommend it to people of all ages. It was a fun night of theatre.

“High-Quality Touring Production!”

I agree with the other reviews posted and was particularly impressed with the production values (lighting, set) and surprisingly creative use of puppetry throughout the show. The performances were Broadway caliber (which is to be expected, given that many of the actors appeared in the Broadway production… but Bass Hall audiences have surely seen a range in the quality of productions there, and this show sits at the very high end of that range). My only criticism is that it was sometimes difficult to understand all the lyrics (but perhaps the sound will improve as the week goes on). Still, technical issues are easy to forgive, since this show includes some of the most original and funny musical numbers I have ever seen — particularly the flirty-farty-burpy segment. Anyone who loves musical comedy should be sure to catch this innovative show. Children will enjoy the colorful characters, music and story, as long as they can handle the 2:40 running time.

“I’m a Believer”

It’s not easy being green, especially ogre green, or different as are all the fairy tale characters who are seeking a place in the world(conveyed by the song, Freak Flag).This funny, charming musical is at heart a sweet story about acceptance and inner beauty.Many songs have heartfelt words-some joyful and a few sad. It is full of visual and verbal jokes and parodies of pop culture and other big musicals (Wicked, The Lion King, Les Miserables…).It was fun watching for these quickly passing lines or visuals.The costumes are elaborate and imaginative–the short Lord’s outfits are quite funny especially when he moves(must see). The sets-huge and colorful. There are so many witty things. Loved the giant dragon requiring 7-8 people to embody it.Also loved the chorus line of tap dancing rats.The four leads as well as the rest of the cast are enjoyable singers, actors, and dancers-kept the pace brisk and the lines funny. This isn’t the best musical ever, but it is five stars worth of fun.

“Felt like I Fell Into a Cartoon”

From the beginning, I felt like I fell into a fairy tale. From the effervescent curtain to the magical set to the lighting to the costumes, the colors and characters all combined to bring this cartoon world to life like I have never seen done onstage before. Shrek, Fiona, the Donkey, and even the Dragon were simply unbelievable. The sunsets and sunrises were spectacular, walking through the fiery bridge was impressive, traveling through the forest was enchanting, and the other special effects all added up to create the Perfect Fairy Tale. All characters were played to a T, including the other fairy tale characters. (I want the Wicked Witch’s dress!) Children were riveted. Adults will enjoy the jokes that are just a bit over their children’s heads. Avid theater-goers will immensely enjoy all the references to other shows. From my favorite “Wicked” to “Lion King” to “Dream Girls” how many other references can you find? Fun for all! Don’t miss it.

Go see it. Take your kids. Everyone will have a great time.

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