Payne Award Festivities

While this year’s Payne Awards have come and gone, we can still enjoy the memories, right?

Will Hollis Photography was on hand at the Payne’s (as well as many more of you intrepid photogs) capturing the night away. Here are just a few shots from the exciting night.

Over a hundred more can be found on Will Hollis’ Facebook page.

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One thought on “Payne Award Festivities

  1. It was great to be around such an enthusiastic and creative crowd that night at the awards. I think the MC was great and very funny and I loved how the nominees got their own photo and name on the big screen! The transition musician did a great job, but why didn’t he have a stand and a light (“Send In the Clowns” should have been called “Excuse the Clams”) I have some other comments. It was so awkward that time and time again the winners were not present to accept their awards, and that they had not arranged for someone to accept it for them, and worse that the podium did not know in advance that no one was coming up so they stood there with egg on their faces. Could the Awards Committee not have been made aware of whether they should be accepting the award on the winner’s behalf or not in advance of the evening to make the night appear less dis-organized? Also, where was Zach Theatre’s people? They were nominated for and won so many awards and didn’t send anyone? And why is there not a category for “Presenter of the Year” or best “Roadhouse Show” as to be able to include The Long Center, The Paramount and One World Theatre? I know they mainly do music, but “A Ride With Bob” was a great Musical and “Cowboy Noises” should get a mention, no? The Awards are excluding huge financial and employment contributors to the Performing Arts community in Austin by not having at least a special category for these large commercial houses. Just some thoughts for the committee for next year. And, yes, actors are broke, they like to drink, but the booze was much too expensive. Maybe, another venue next year?

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