The Week in Top 10

Where we look at what was big this week with reviews from viewers like you.

1. Steel Magnolias

City Theatre’s production of Steel Magnolias is one of the most powerful theatre experiences I’ve had in Austin. And that is saying something, since I’ve seen a lot of shows. Under Barry Pineo’s direction, Steel Magnolias gets the audience to know and love all of the characters. From the introduction of the characters to the powerful climax and aftermath, the warmth and pathos of the people in Truvy’s Hair Salon bring you into their lives and you share their stories. In the hands of a lesser director and actresses, Steel Magnolias has the danger of being cloying. But Barry Pineo’s production manages to pick your heart’s pocket and do so honorably, making the play a cathartic, satisfying experience. For any theatre fan in Austin to miss City Theatre’s Steel Magnolias would amount to dereliction of duty.

2. 1st Annual Holiday Spectacular & Bazaar!

A lovely mix of your new and old holiday favorites – Stories of holiday blessings, and how to get into the Christmas Spirit. The hostess of the evening is funny and engaging and the performers are super talented and energetic. I had a great time – I recommend it as a great way to kick off your holiday season.

3.The 48th Annual Production of “The Nutcracker”

Seeing The Nutcracker Ballet is a tradition that many families use to officially start their Christmas season, and based on the audience Saturday night, this year is no exception. Families with children of all ages, and couples spanning the ages, convened on The Long Center to watch one of America’s most beloved ballets. Ballet Austin’s production is filled with little ones getting their first chance to be on stage to the seasoned principals showcasing their beauty and strength. The costuming is absolutely gorgeous, sparkling from all corners of the stage, and enhancing the delicate beauty of the Snow Queen and the Sugar Plum Fairy as they each dance through their performances. Anyone who can sit through this ballet, and not be moved as it progresses through the Land of Snow and the Court of the Sugar Plum Fairy, without feeling the pull of the orchestra carrying you along with Clara – is missing the opportunity of living this ballet – even if it’s just from our side of the stage.

4. Discovering the Language of Photography: The Gernsheim Collection

A wonderful display of photographs! Have you ever heard of SALT Paper photos? I hadn’t until I saw this exhibit. Also, see the different phases of the moon from the 1800’s, quite amazing. There are so many photographs, by many wonderful photographers. It is very difficult to pinpoint anyone photo that is better than the other. I also enjoyed the display of cameras; one of my favorites was the spy camera. A really cool way to learn about photography, to see where it has been and where it is going. So get going to the Harry Ransom Center and check out this awesome exhibit and see for yourself how truly lucky we are to have a place like the Ransom Center in town!

5. Discovering the Language of Photography: The Gernsheim Collection

Dionysium is both educational, funny, entertaining and interactive and somewhat drunken. A super fun way to learn about random topics and hear interesting debates. If only all college lectures where like this I think you’d find more people going to class. Its a great way to spend the evening plus you get to hang with the brains at afterward at the Highball to continue the intellectual conversation and/or drink more. I’m looking forward to the next one.

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