Live From the A Team: Tango Buenos Aires

Back again with the Dynamic Duo of reviews, Preston Kirk & Ronda Dale Kirk this time with words on Tango Buenos Aires.

Tango Buenos Aires — !QUE BUENO!

An executive for Univision, one of the show’s sponsors, predicted during pre-show patter that this world-renowned, Argentine tango company and its five-piece orchestra will “leave (you) a bit richer in your soul.” How prescient! How right! The five couples not only conveyed the “Fire & Passion,” but provided flawless footwork and absolutely mesmerizing dance moves in a two-act, 24-part story of Rosaura and Mateo and their friends at the “milonga” or dance hall. Fortunately, knowledgeable patrons near me were able to translate the dance titles, which helped tell the story sequences. Roughly, some were, “Prepare Yourself,” “A Slow Fire,” “Blind Rooster,” “Young Flirt,” “Come from Afar,” “I Remember,” “The Firefly,” “The Dizziness.” “A Tango for Your Absence,” “My Refuge,” “Triumphal,” “The Butterfly,” “Melancholy,” et al. With precision and unison, the dancers spun, kicked, lifted, “fought” and did the splits, their characters dueling with unbridled sensuous looks and sexy moves.

In the café-like setting, the piano, violin, guitar, bass violin and bandoneón (accordion-like) pushed them to greater heights.

?Scandaloso? Yes, but the real scandal is that such a fine performance played only one night in Austin. I strongly recommend checking the schedule for their Texas appearances — — or praying for a prompt and delicious return. Long Center Management, take note.

Preston Kirk



Even if you don’t speak Spanish, tango clearly expresses passion and the exotic flavors of its mixed-up origins. The troupe of 10 dancers needed few props and costume changes since the dazzling onstage action put the audience in a positive mood that elicited loud and approving shouts of Ole! and Bravo!

Five musicians provided the beautiful music of about two dozen composers, surely the great masters of the authentic and nimble melodies that power the dances and the dancers. Unfortunately, the program notes failed to identify them or the dancers! Info on Choreographer Susan Rojo and Music Director Emilio Kauderer, the history of these great Argentine exports – dance and company? Sure, but nothing on the showcased artists. Harumph!!

I suspect area dance studios got a lot of calls this weekend as the hypnotic effects of the tango lingered with patrons. Those who missed the one-night stand had best check their 2½ -month coast-to-coast U.S. tour schedule. Houston, 1/28-29; Fort Worth, 1/31.

Ronda Dale Kirk

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