Live from the A-Team: A Party, Some Cabaret, Dystopia, & Conspirare.

Once again with some exciting and spectacular reviews from viewers like you for

First off we’ve got Joni McClain’s review for Dixie’s Tupperware Party at the Long Center:

You might not know who Brownie Wise is, but after spending the evening with Dixie Longate you will. Quick history: Brownie Wise took Tupperware off the retail shelves, booked herself a few parties extolling it’s virtues and voila! The Tupperware party was born. Out of work actor Kris Andersson did the same thing when he created his alter ego Dixie Longate and revived the Tupperware party in downright endearing Drag Queen fashion.

This is NOT your grandmother’s OR your mother’s Tupperware party. Leave the kids at home. You’ll learn that Tupperware is not just for the kitchen anymore, that the 787 is fantastic for toting your Jello shots to church, and you’ll be educated on “the practice of working round the lid of a plastic bowl with both thumbs to seal it properly.”

This is a real live Tupperware party – visit with Dixie and place your order after the show. She’s one of the top Tupperware sales people in the country – check out the show and you’ll learn very quickly just why.

And J. Loewenstein with Stephanie J. Block’s performance brought to us by Austin Cabaret:

It is so exciting to see these two performing arts groups collaborate to bring top-notch talents like Stephanie J. Block to Austin. The intimate Kodosky Lounge, with its walls of windows overlooking downtown, is a gorgeous setting in which to enjoy any performer. Ms. Block’s Cabaret act features a variety of songs from both established and lesser-known (but not for long) composers. Interspersed with the songs, she tells stories of her career, the most compelling being the bittersweet story of her history with the role of Elphaba in WICKED. Though she now has several Broadway credits under her belt and is undeniably versatile, talented and likable, the stories she tells of her career’s path leaves me feeling sorry that she has not yet quite achieved the *STAR* status that she has sought and certainly deserves. Still, she clearly has a large fan base, and I thought that the comedic and jazzy numbers she performed were particularly well-suited to the Cabaret’s setting and a

Then some of Naomi Emmerson’s words on Austin Shakepeare’s Anthem:

Austin Shakespeare’s “Anthem” adapted by Jeff Britting(LA), isn’t Shakespeare play but plays like one with its long-form protagonist soliloquy delivered by Colin Bjork in the lead role. Breaking the 4th wall for most of the 60 minute text, Bjork doesn’t quite achieve the variety of emotion and specificity of intent to hold the audience’s focus through the journey of this thought provoking text heavy with metaphors and sophisticated themes. At times he was even too quiet in his single tone of “naive optimism and innocence”. Helen Merino’s calm straight forward presence was riveting each time she was on stage and electrified the room. The set and lighting design created an effective backdrop to this strangely stark futuristic story of a civilization suffering from cultural amnesia, but seemed under-used by the staging.The most entertaining element of this show, was the Q&A with the playwright and actors after the show and hearing the audience’s comments.

And finally, some words on Conspirare‘s recent event, Renaissance and Response–specifically, A Flowering in Spain:

The Saturday evening concert of works by the late-Renaissance Spanish composer Tomas Victoria was delighful. Brilliant polyphony, deeply resonant harmony and innovative melody lines and use of multiple chorus scoring are characteristics of Victoria. They were all shown to great advantage by the capable singers of Conspirare following the sensitive and artistic interpretation of Craig Hella Johnson. The sonorous harmonies resonated beautifully in the St. Martin’s Lutheran Church sanctuary. I experienced an almost meditative atmosphere. I encourage anyone who has an opportunity to hear Conspirare to do so.
It would be possible to point out flaws but, since this was the third of four different concerts in three days, the quality of the performance was remarkable indeed.

To see more reviews, review other shows, or just to check out more listings, check out to know what’s going on around town!

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