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We’re back on track with reviews, fearless reader, so head below to check out some words on some of the best stuff opening the past weekend!

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Very Original and Entertaining

One-man shows are not particularly easy to pull off- especially not in a way to make the story engaging to the audience. But Charles Stites, an Austin theatre veteran, does just that in his performance of Lee Blessing’s “Chesapeake.” He plays Kerr, a southern-born New York performer whose routines become the perfect fodder for rising Southern Senator Thurm Pooley to push for the de-funding of the NEA. Kerr has an encounter with Pooley’s daughter, and tries to kidnap the family dog to attempt to get leverage over Pooley. This backfires and leads to a surprising plot twist, which I will not reveal here except to suggest that it involves dogs. The main factor that decides whether I enjoy a show is whether it tells a good story, and “Chesapeake” does that, and Stites is an excellent Story-Teller. In addition, it has the added bonuses of being timely in the midst of the political budget battles, and being in the intimate Hideout theatre. Go see this one.


Are You Listening to Me?
We’re Listening

Fantastic! This energizing show mixes an intriguing combo of sound and silence & movement and stillness. While definitely a tap dance performance, it is also an expressive art performance. Through music, vocalizations, the spoken word of Zell Miller III, pauses and moments of stillness, this dance art shines. The highly skilled dancers make tap dancing look effortless. It was sheer joy to see them perform so effortlessly as they seemed to really enjoy themselves. This international/local dance company puts on a superb show. A definite must see! Are You Listening to Me? Yes!



Flight was a lighthearted take on what lots of us have experienced way too often – getting stuck at the airport because of flight delays.

The actors had impressive voices, especially the Controller, and were really funny.


CarouselWhat a Blast!

Carousel was one hundred percent enjoyable. An all star cast
with great voices really lock down this super fun musical. The
set design is great, I highly recommend the show.


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