Live from the A-Team

Back with another round of reviews from viewers like you.

I’ve Never Been So Happy

“Exceeding Expectations”
Review by Jamie

This was my first Rude Mechanicals experience. I had been told they were great, but the show exceeded my high expectations. The plot was fun and fantastical with a pair of Dachshunds as narrators, a wild cat that speaks death metal style, and a sheriff with a fucking foul mouth. The wide variety of music was catchy and, at times, touching. The projected animations usually added to the story and made the experience feel bigger and more sensory. The group advertises the show as something that could only come out of Austin – and by the end of the show, once breakfast tacos got a mention, I agreed. As a side note, I also appreciated the strong female characters and conservation theme.


Stop the World, I Want to Get Off

“Sawdust, Elephant Poop & Tightropes”
Review by Ronda

The setting for this play is billed as “the circus of life,” and the cast and ensemble deliver an energetic “three-ring-circus” of a show, even if production stage mgr. Barry Miller was only able to squeeze a colorful single ring onto the arena stage. But that’s as it should be – impressionistic. The minimal set, cast and costumes are part and parcel of this aging musical covering the allegorical rise to success and personal instability of “Littlechap.”

Rick Roemer, brilliant singer-actor-educator, is the aspiring (and perspiring) “Littlechap.”  He plays it in mime make-up, occasionally stopping the action to comment to the audience. As family and corporate responsibilities grow, so do the women in his life — “Typically English,” Russian, German, American – all played by one woman, Angela Davis. Ms. Davis’ pleasant voice was occasionally lost in the band’s volume, but her dialectical characters were great fun.

“Lumbered,” “…Sludgepool,” “Nag, Nag, Nag,” and “Mumbo Jumbo” are amusing lyrical songs, if not memorable. However, the closing number, “What Kind of Fool am I,” sweetly reminds us: Life — and the circus – are full of exciting acts, sawdust and pachyderm poop. We are sometimes best served by avoiding the tight-rope and keeping our feet on more solid ground.

The Austin Latino New Play Festival

“Lively Theatre”
Review posted by: M M

The three Austin playwrights showcased at the Autin Latino New Play Festival last week could not have had a gentler or more supportive audience. Organizers Rupert Reyes and Joanne Carrion-Reyes founded their Teatro Vivo about ten years ago, producing appealing, comic pieces, usually written by Rupert and featuring him. Just the way that Austin has branded itself as the home of “live music,” the Reyes’ theatre group is known for its “live theatre.” “Teatro vivo” also means “lively theatre,” and their productions have always been that. They reach out to the Tejano community, that large and increasing population of this town whose first language is English but who have close, family familiarity with the Spanish-language community, principally of Mexican connection. More of this review found here.

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