Live from the A-Team

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Enchilada Western
“A great shoot em up!”
Review by: Rick

First of all, let’s be honest. I arrived hoping for a dinner theatre. Name made me hungry. But boy I was well satisfied with the incredible performances of the evening. I will not mention any one name, for to mention one, you would have to mention them all. From start to finish this evening had me on the edge of my seat with enjoyment. I am not a person that goes out of his way to watch dance performances, but I am glad that I did so this evening. May be a bit out of the way for those in North Austin, but well worth the drive. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that I left hungry for food and more dancing.

Susan Lubin
“Lubin Delivers”
Review by: Jesse 

Susan Lubin is a great singer with a unique style and look. Her acting skills help her sell what are mostly songs from broadway and the great American songbook. She made them all her own and has a delightful act. Don’t miss it!

Of Mice and Men
 “Character and characters”
Review by: Stephen

What makes something timeless? One answer is its relevance to future generations. Of Mice and Men hits at the heart of the struggle for dreams, the attempt to look out for one another and the sad reality that bad things can happen to good people. City Theatre has no shortage of quality acting talent. The story of George and Lenny trying to make just enough money to get a farm and live off the fat of the land is well known even by some who just know the references and not the book, play or movies. Set, costumes and lighting all target the audience into totally believing you are seeing something from the 1930s in its clever arrangement. Derek Jones and Andy Brown deliver the heart and soul for this story. They don’t try to oversell what is expected of these characters and just do their own take on it. Garry Powers nearly steals every scene he is in with his Candy character. Scot Friedman, Ben Woods, Samantha Brewer, Gabriel Smith, Larry Oliver, Gabriel Diehl and Daniel Sawtelle all shine.

“Bonnie McCullum and Vortex did it again!”
Review by: P. Stone

From beginning to end Lear, a twist as Lear is a Queen instead of a King and played brilliantly by Jennifer Underwood. Set against a very stark a minimalist modern set, proves again that scenery may change, but deceit,corruption, lies and murder never change. Julie Wright as Kent, fantastic. The three sisters, what a trio of talent and level of range in portraying the different daughters of Lear. This is a solid, and inspired production. Best Acting, music, direction, set,… One of the best fight scenes I have seen in a long time on the Austin stage. Make the time and go see it.


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