Live from the A-Team

Back with another round of reviews from viewers like you.

One-Man Star Wars

Review by Greg

Like most of my generation, I saw the Trilogy courtesy of film. I enjoyed them but am not a Star Wars fan per se’ by any stretch of the imagination. However, I have just become a huge Charles Ross fan. His performance was fabuloso and then some! Incredible animation, great sound effects, just the right amount of audience interaction, and marvelous humor. The amazing thing is it kind of makes me want to see the movies again. You could definitely follow the story in a most enjoyable manner! I would strongly recommend this to anyone. Quality entertainment!!!


Holy 1960s Batman, Batman!

“Sawdust, Elephant Poop & Tightropes”
Review by Erica

Every Saturday Batman and Robin must defeat a new absurd villain chosen randomly from audience suggestions. This past Saturday I was delighted to watch them take on “The Toupee,” an evil beauty school drop-out bent on revenge against Gotham’s citizens for shunning his blinding baldness. You can only imagine what hilarity ensued. Even though the show changes week after week, I can tell you that the performers and techs do a marvelous job of making the show flow smoothly, even though they are making it up before your eyes. Even the little stumbles here and there are funny! They are also great at emulating the feel and comedy of the old 1960s Batman. Highlights for me were the comical banter and relationship between Batman and Robin, in addition to simply enjoying watching the improvisers have fun and play out these awesome and silly roles on stage. If you are a fan of the old Batman TV show or of improv comedy, I highly recommend finding out what happens in next week’s “episode!”.

True West

“Best West”
Review posted by: Jesse

This production adds some punch to an American classic and reweaves the tale for us without distracting from Shepard’s vision. The story of two brothers in a competition is as old as time, and many liken True West to Cain and Abel. This is true to some degree but for me it’s more like Jacob and Esau. We don’t have murder here so much as trickery and deceit as well as sibling rivalry. The direction and acting are delivered in a ‘take no prisoners’ technique that makes this drama appeal to our shared senses of the great American dream: We can be anything we truly want to be, if we want it badly enough. Even if it means risking relationships? Gambling with our parents’ affections and limits? Pushing ourselves beyond our own comfort zones? Find out at Dystheatre’s production of True West. This one is not to be missed.

Review posted by: Jay

I first saw Cabaret last August, and it quickly became one of my favorite musicals. Georgetown Palace’s production did it justice and did not leave me disappointed. Set in the Kit Kat Klub in Germany in 1929, Cabaret tells the story of the American expatriate author Clifford Bradshaw, as he falls in love with a regular club dancer, Sally Bowles. Bradshaw is disturbed by the dark political tide sweeping Germany, and struggles to find a way to balance his convictions with his new relationship. Interspersing this story are musical numbers narrated by the Emcee, who I think is one of the most fascinating characters in all of American musical theatre. Josh Weshler plays the part beautifully, with masterful acting and magnetic facial expressions. Matt Burnett and Chelea Duvall have great chemistry as Bradshaw and Bowles, and all of the cast brings the story to life. Cabaret is a thought-provoking musical, and the production at the Georgetown Palace is one you won’t want to miss.

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