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The Little Dog Laughed
“What is the truth?”
Review by: Vicki M.

This show turned out to be quite serious and not a laughed filled satire. Yes, there were funny lines, such as the one one about the actor having a
“reoccurring case of homosexuality”, but it was more soap opera, social commentary than expected. It involves what happens as a result of deception. Vic Trevino and Micah Sudduth gave heartfelt performances as two men who have not dealt with their sexuality. Their nervousness, hesitant eyes, and stammers were well done as were the pure joy of happiness on their faces. Michelle Cheney protrayed the driven, ambitious agent to the hilt. The fourth character was not sympathetic at first, but Kaylee Koop gave her depth and feeling. The director kept the momentum brisk with short scenes and monologues. This play about hypocrisy, self-deception, and deception is unexpected in many ways and the resolution may not be what is desired.

Sin, Sex and the CIA
“Laughing in Leander”
Review by: Lassie

WOBCPs latest production, Sin, Sex, and the C.I.A., had the audience laughing within the first seconds of opening. The show revolves around a plot to begin oil-rights negotiations with unknown representatives from The Islands of Chagos and several government agencies. A raging rainstorm brings a few drop-in guests – but are they really just guests – or is one of them the unknown rep from Chagos? James Lee Burke and Kirsten Schulte almost steal the show as they portray the pompous Reverend Abernathy and his innocent secretary, Millicent. Ed Trujillo, as bumbling C.I.A. agent Luke James, manages to find a way to get caught by every “trap” he sets to protect the safe house. I lost count after six! You don’t want to miss Millicent learning the art of seduction – we should all be so lucky as to have Cynthia Carrier as Heather Faraday for an instructor. Drive on up to Leander soon – before the show is over – and see if you can guess the real rep from The Chagos Island!

Love You Because
“I Love You Because it’s the best show in town”
Review by: Jesse G.

This show is one of those rare marriages of book and score that works on every level and it is nothing less than pure enchantment. The girls are adorable, the guys are hilarious, and all are perfectly cast. The musicians are brilliant, the direction is stellar and the clever set takes us straight to NY. The costumes, light design and sound are first-rate. A great deal of love is put into this production. We love live theatre because it often offers up subject matter we perhaps haven’t considered before. But sometimes we simply wish to be entertained, and boy does this show deliver. The audience was enthralled and just had to stand and cheer for these artists. It’s hard to say who had more fun – the audience or the artists, and when the two groups merge as they did last night it is of course pure magic. Penfield Theatre Company takes no prisoners, holds nothing back. Go see this show and you WILL want to see it again… And again… And again… It’s that good!

The Book of Grace

“A Graceful Play”
Review by: Meyers

Intense! This compelling play tells the inner stories of three generations in three different ways: oral expression, written word and cyber posts. The show explores the characters’ personal, interpersonal and external boundaries. This interplay is graphically depicted by the large images of the Rio Grande Valley border wall on all sides of the theater. This is a show about desire, belonging and identity. While I did not follow the dialogue in a couple of places, the actors make this show intriguing. Each of their faces seem to tell a parallel story to the spoken one, reflecting the richness of the play.

The Mikado
“Another Outstanding Production by G&S Society!”
Review by: Linda M.

The Mikado is a wonderfully delightful operetta that you will not want to miss. It is at the Travis High School Performing Arts Center. The opera starts off with an overture performed by a live orchestra directed by Jeffrey Jones-Ragona, which alone makes the show worth seeing. You will love the performers who sing with grace and gusto, and who portray their characters with much humor. Though the production is clocks in at 3 hours every second is filled with rich music, hilarious lyrics, and stellar performances. Don’t miss it.


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