Go. See. Help a Brother Out

In the fall of 1998, nothing consumed my life more than my Nintendo 64.  I needed the new Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  Luckily my grandmother recognized this deep necessity in me and we struck a bargain–I mow her lawn for a month and she would buy me the prized game.  The deal was a huge success.  Granny got her grass cut weekly and I became a better human being for playing the greatest game of our generation.

Well my friends, we have some members of our community that are attempting to achieve goals that are larger than themselves and we, each of us, are their benevolent grandmothers.  That’s why this week’s Go.See.Do. blog will focus on us reaching out, striking bargains with our performers, and helping to make their dreams come true.

Our friends at Palindrome Theatre are taking their adaptation of Hedda Gabler to the Edinburg fringe festival next month.  See our previous blog post on Palindrome and the incredible work that they’re doing both domestically and abroad here.

As proud as they are to be taking the show on the road, they need our help.  As you may imagine,  it is expensive to travel to, live in, and perform for Scotland for a few weeks.  That’s why they are having just a few shows before they jet–to brush up on their performances and raise some money for their trip.

The show will run Thursday-Saturday this week only.  Tickets are $25 for the show as well as a post-production champagne reception and are available here.  They’re going fast!

Iron and Wine, of international music fame is also trying to do some good with their work by supporting the Midwives Alliance of North America through a benefit show this Friday.

Over the course of his ten-year career, Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam has become one of today’s greatest story tellers, crafting meticulous tales full of forlorn love, religious imagery and wistful dreams.

Iron & Wine’s 3rd annual benefit concert at the Paramount is an intimate, acoustic performance supporting the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA), a professional organization for all midwives, whose goal is to unify and strengthen the profession of midwifery, thereby improving the quality of health care for women, babies, and communities.

There are only a few tickets left at $55 each.  They are available here.

As you can tell, there a big things going on this weekend.  Use your patronage for good.  With your support, we can help both Palindrome and Iron & Wine achieve their Ocarina of Time.

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