Interview with Nnedi Agbaroji – PR director of KVRX 91. 7 FM Austin

KVRX 91. 7 FM is Austin’s student-run radio station located on the University of Texas campus. Its motto is “None of the Hits, All of the Time,” and they aren’t joking, either. Tune in to 91.7 FM anytime (they’re on air from 7 PM to 9 AM) and it’s pretty much a guarantee you’ll hear a slew of music you haven’t heard before. The station’s programming has most every musical genre covered, from folk to punk and hip-hop to electronic. They also have a diverse community talk show selection with subjects ranging from science to sports to a call-in advice show. Most recently, the station won the College Music Journal’s award for Biggest Community Resource. Nnedi Agbaroji, KVRX’s fabulous PR director, tells us more about what the station brings to the community through its programming and the shows they host around town.

First off, it is beyond awesome that KVRX won CMJ’s Biggest Community Resource. How do you think the station has served as a “community resource” for Austin and what does this award mean for the station?

I couldn’t be happier. KVRX has been offering not only the city of Austin, but also the entire nation the opportunity to listen to some of the most eclectic programming out there for over 15 years. We don’t only provide new and interesting music for the public; we have so many different types of specialty shows it’s mind blowing.  From our culturally-based shows, such as our German, Icelandic, and “Austin Hellenic Radio” shows to our education shows like “They Blinded Me With Science.” This nomination/award means a lot to all of us at the station. With funding being drastically cut at our university, it has become imperative to be a fruitful and relevant entity. Winning this award helps to prove to the decision makers upstairs that KVRX is very relevant- so much so that we were nationally recognized by one of the biggest authorities of college radio.

In your time with KVRX, what has been among your most memorable moments so far?

All of it has been a fulfilling and beneficial experience. I have learned so much during my time as PR Director, gaining skills that have and will aid me in furthering my career in public relations. I have to say the most memorable experience I have had was our Spring Music Showcase that took place last March (2011). We held a 3-day music extravaganza that showcased acts from literally all over the world- from Herman Dune (Paris) to The Jezabels (New Zealand). It took place at Cheer Up Charlie’s on East 6th and was by far our most successful Spring Music Showcase to date.

What would you like to see happen for KVRX within the next year?

Within the next year, I hope to see KVRX become more of a central stop for all people in Austin. Whether it is news, music, shows or other events, I would like to see KVRX be the “go-to” place for entertainment news. I have a feeling that we are headed in the right direction. Additionally, I would like to see KVRX get more involved with other non-profits around Austin. I think that is a great way to raise awareness of important issues that affect the community as a whole.

Tune in to KVRX on 91.7 FM or listen at!


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