14th and Chestnut Series Pt.2: Interview with Chris Holloway of Fuzzy Popsycle

Austin Creative Alliance tirelessly serves the area’s creatives, organizations, and cultural consumers by building infrastructure, offering audience and career cultivation services, and offering myriad ways for people to connect with all that’s happening in the community. This three-part series provides a look into the scenes that comprise our creative community.

This is the second post on the businesses located at 14th and Chestnut, a vacant building turned vibrant artistic incubator. The first post was featuring Hearts and Robots, a hair design studio, and this week’s post is featuring Fuzzy Popsycle, a commercial arts services studio specializing in street art-inspired design. Chris Holloway, owner and artist, tells us about the concept behind his business and why the words fuzzy and ‘popsycle’ are used together.
How did the idea for Fuzzy Popsycle originate and what are the services you offer?
Fuzzy Popsycle is a full-service commercial art services studio and office with a focus on the hand painted and hand drawn aspects of commercial art and with a specialization in street art-inspired advertising design, hand painted billboards, hand painted murals, wheat pasting, screen printing on garments and posters, commissioned paintings and graphic design for company branding.
Although the company is newly formed, I have been painting, designing and building artwork, signs, furniture, props and murals for almost 15 years. Scarlett Vivienne (my girlfriend and business partner) and I were brainstorming on ways in which we could assist businesses and brands to capture a certain demographic that is very arts influenced and friendly. Traditional marketing has become so sterile; customers are attracted to uniqueness and handmade items. With that in mind, the idea to form a studio offering these services was born.
We’re very curious, what’s the story behind the name “Fuzzy Popsycle”?
My personal artwork (I’m a studio painter graduating from Texas State University) is greatly influenced by whimsical and surreal ideas and images. We were swimming one sunny afternoon brainstorming about the prospective business and prospective names and the thought of a cool, sweet popsicle became so tempting. The contradiction to the sweetness and creaminess became a word challenge and “fuzzy” was mentioned somewhere. We both laughed so hard it was decided that our anti-marketing marketing studio would have to have such a ridiculous name.
We hear your specialty is graffiti-style advertising. How did you get involved with that art form and how did you get the inspiration to use it for advertising?
Well, growing up in the 80’s and seeing graffiti grow from its beginning years had inspired me to express myself in that way. Advertising is kind of like graffiti. It is large and in your face, and you are forced to look at it. I am just utilizing different techniques I learned over the years by doing graffiti, making designs and oil paintings to capture our clients’ products and services and translate those to distinct demographics of customers.
What is one of your favorite campaigns you’ve worked on so far?
My favorite campaign so far is the Hearts and Robots Hair Studio campaign. It was started by painting a mural on the exterior of their first location at East 6th Street and Pedernales (coincidently, this is when we first began dating) and went on to painting the mural on their new location. The increase in visibility and prominence of these murals continues to bring them many new clients and serves to communicate with their targeted clientele base. They were looking to attract younger, hipper, creatively-oriented people, and branding themselves with colorful and personalized artwork has done exactly this.
What characteristics and aspects of being located on the East Side have helped your business or made it stand out?
Being located on the East Side has helped us because there is a strong and supportive artist community and the people over here are extremely laid-back and continue to inspire us creatively. We draw so much influence on street culture and street nightlife. These elements are flourishing east of I-35 and we love surrounding ourselves in it.
For more information on Fuzzy Popsycle, visit their website.

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