Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo: This is Real Ballet

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo performed a GREAT evening of Ballet on February 7th. Unfortunately, this was their only night in Austin at the beautiful Dell Theater presented by The Long Center.

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo. Photo courtesy of The Long Center

One of the world’s renowned ballet companies, created in 1974, each dancer plays both male and female roles, with a persona and name for each gender. Known for their parody of this respected art form, these men do take their ballet seriously.

Ballet is powerful form of communication, highly suggestive movement that is full of nuances and subtleties. Trockadero uses the language of Ballet itself, to poke fun at Ballets’ hierarchy, the all-important “Prima Ballerina”. At moments during the performance, they display overly exaggerated, catty, diva-esque gestures and faking faux pas, all seemingly spontaneous, but very well-rehearsed. Suddenly, during an intense and critical moment in a piece, interjecting moves like the “Shimmy” or the “Funky Chicken” had the audience laughing. Make no mistake, these are dancers with real technical abilities.

The Trocks, open with their signature piece. “Swan Lake”, including the famous solo, in traditional Ballet style. My personal favorite was the Merce Cunningham piece. Cunningham was known for his cerebral and genderless style of movement. Accompanied by a two person live orchestra of abstract sounds, done with the utter seriousness of avant-garde performers, (homage to John Cage). Guttural groans, exhaling into a paper bag and popping it, various animal sounds and even the barking of the common dog. It was hysterical!

A refreshing new way to see Ballet. This performance was a treat and I wanted more, come back soon!

Blog by Lucas


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