“Grounded in Music” is transforming young lives through music

Sometimes something special comes along that strikes a chord within us. The other night, I had such an experience. All of us who love music, know how important it’s been in our lives. Now there is an organization that is using the universal language and power of music to transform lives.

Grounded in Music (GIM) is an organization that purposes to do just that. Founder,Joe Stallone, is bringing his vision to life in Austin, the heart of the nation’s vibrant music scene. He has comprised a group of music industry veterans who are on a mission to help transform lives of young children through music. These are children who might not otherwise have access to mentors, instruments or the beneficial effects of music. Launched in 2007, this non-profit is making a name for itself.

“These kids are learning that they can do anything they set their mind to and developing the confidence to push themselves to achieve things they never thought they could” – Joe Stallone

Joe is also a top entertainment lawyer and a professor at Austin Community College, teaching the Legal Aspects of the Music Industry. Having friends and clients in the industry, make him ideally suited to have spear-headed Grounded in Music. His enthusiasm is winning over the support of musicians and collaborators all the time. In the middle of successful fund raising event Wednesday evening at the Gibson Guitar Showroom, (forgive the room noise), I had a few moments to sit with Joe and talk about what motivates and inspires his work.

Grounded in Music is an organization of committed and compelling individuals doing good work. Proceeds from this benefit will be used to purchase musical instruments and provide mentoring for under-served youth at the Boys and Girls Club in Austin. For more information about Grounded in Music, please visit: www.groundedinmusic.org

Blog by Lucas


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