The 48 Hour Film Project hosts first 2012 event at Vuka Co-op in Austin

It was a great night to mingle with local film talent here in Austin. The 48 Hour Film Project hosted a “Meet n’ Greet” Thursday evening, July 19th at the new event space, “Vuka Co-Op”. (the venue will officially open on August 2nd).

The Meet-n-Greet at Vuka Co-op

The event brought together filmmakers, sponsors and community supporters.

The objective? To get filmmakers from the greater Austin area to compete to see who can make the best short film in only 48 hours. The winning film will go up against films from around the world. This is a very exciting competition and if you know anything about filmmaking, the pressure will be on.

“The 48 Hour Film Project began in 2001 as a local film challenge in Washington, DC among friends. In 2002, the Project grew to include Atlanta, Austin, Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia. Since then, it has evolved into a truly global phenomenon and the world’s largest filmmaking competition. 2012 brings a new event producer for Austin, Noelle Schonefeld.”

In 2012, my team and I are working hard to create a fresh, young vibe for the project. The model is “New Crew, Same Rules”. We are focused on fun and are trying to generate a buzz and excitement around the hard work of the filmmakers. Our aim is to expand the reach of the 48HFP to involve as much of the Austin film and art community as possible and to celebrate the process of filmmaking and creativity. – Noelle Schonefeld, Producer of The 48 Hour Film Project.

“The Hosts” Noelle Schonefeld, Austin’s 48 Hour Film Project, Producer and Assistant Producer, Christina Martell

I’m not surprised that Noelle Schonefeld, along with Christina Martell, were able to pull this wonderful event off with only one months lead time. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Christina and know first hand, she makes things happen!

Dewy Brooks, Board Member of Austin Creative Alliance, with 48 Hour Film
Project Sponsor, Christine Thompson of AMFM Magazine/AMFM Studios

I met some of Austin’s movers and shakers at this 48 Hour Film Project event. Project Sponsor, Christine Thompson of AMFM MagazineAMFM Studios attended as well as Media Sponsor, David Wyatt of Wyatt Brand.

Maddie Profilet, Director of Marketing & Public Relations at ChannelAustin, Event Sponsor

Event sponsors included, Guerrilla Camera & Gear@ the Austin School of FilmThe Long Center for Performing ArtsVuka Co-OpThe Scottish Rite Theater and channelAustin.

Macy McBeth Ryan and Christina Martell

Also in attendance were Eva and Dave Wolfe, the dynamic force behind St. Elmo Soundstage, a new resource for the Austin Film Community. For more go to:

Kevin Shaw

I also enjoyed chatting with 48 Hour Film Project Community Partner, Kevin Shaw,
also the Civic Arts Program Coordinator for the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division, (CAD) and of Faces of Austin, a short film program.

Zach and Justin of Fragapane Events

Tasty dishes were for sale by Cazamance, and DJkidGorilla
kept things Groovin. Complimentary beer and craft cocktails with Tito’s Handmade Vodka were served by Mixologists and donors-in-kind, Zach and Justin of Fragapane EventsVuka Co-op is a  beautiful space to host events, for more info go to:

Event sponsor, Caroline Duncan, Outreach Director, Vuka Co-op

It was a wonderful opportunity to meet many talented and engaging people in this creative mecca, Austin. The greater Austin community continues to impress with genuine dedication to the Arts as exemplified by The 48 Hour Film Project. A fun night was had by all!

  • The next 48 Hour Film Project event is on August 22, for further details go to: and
  • The 48 Hour Film Project comes to Austin on the weekend of August 24-26  2012
  • Space is limited, Early Bird Registration is $140. Teams must register on or before Monday, July 30 to get this special rate. Regular registration is $160. If teams register after Tuesday, August 14 they must pay a rate of $175.
  • Stay connected and learn more with regular posts and resource links at:

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“We will, we will ROCK YOU”

I was not prepared for the energy level at iYouth Fusion Fest’s final judging last Saturday night, a part of channelAustin’s teen filmmakers annual boot camp.  The speakers boomed with motivational songs from before the young filmmakers were born, and the live audience, despite their size, filled the studio with laughter and applause.  The two teen filmmaking teams, Down to Film and Shoot for the Stars, worked long caffeine driven hours for one week producing, shooting and editing their own short films.  During the weeklong boot camp the talented teens worked alongside veteran experts in the film industry; Elizabeth Avellán , Kat Candler, Andrew Bujalski, and Keefe Boerner.  I was privileged enough to view the final products and even put in my two cents on the final judging.

Shoot for the Star behind the scenes. Photo courtesy of channelAustin

 Down to Film, the winners of the boot camp and the $1,000 prize were first with their short film Stupid Love. It was all about the flippant angst of a young man in love.  The film recalls the days when a simple hand holding, a walk through the park, or a snuggle on the couch could make us fall deeply into an undying love.  Down to Film captured the rollercoaster called love with a comedic twist.

Down to Film. Photo courtesy of channelAustin

Runners up, Shoot for the Stars, taught us all a lesson about Karma with short film Get What You Give.  The film followed two young ladies, one who donated money to a musician in need while the other threw her trash to the said musician; both who reaped what they sowed.  Shoot for the Stars kept the comedy coming, much to the audiences appeal.

Shoot For the Stars. Photo courtesy of channelAustin

While the live audience and televised viewer audience voted, the two filmmaker crews exuberantly sang, stomped, and clapped to “We Will, We Will Rock You”, sending me into a laughter that made me forget to turn in my ballot!  The crew obligingly sang another round.

Even as an outsider, the energy in the studio was a dead giveaway of the fun the two teams had throughout the week.  While there was a winner and a runner up, the excitement of the week could be seen on all the teens’ faces.  I am excited for next year.

Check out channelAustin’s iYouth media page for upcoming info to register for next year’s Fusion Fest Boot camp as well as other camps and programs for teens!

Be sure to check out iYouth Media’s latest project!  This last Tuesday June 19th  the Juneteenth Historical Parade aired live and in the channelAustin studio.

For the fourth year, channelAustin and a group of talented teens from The African Men and Boys Harvest Foundation  took the annual Junenteenth Historical Parade beyond East Austin and into homes across Central Texas. Celebrating the arrival of the Emancipation Proclamation in Texas, the Juneteenth Historical Parade was cablecasted live from channelAustin plus simulcast live in partnership with KLRU Q and brought to you by teens with the Juneteenth Camp.

Juneteenth Camp put the production power in the hands of youth from the African American Men and Boys Harvest Foundation. These campers experienced three days of hands-on training with fully digital, high-def equipment that trained them to produce the live show on Parade Day.

See the channelAustin Facebook page to view the live taped show.

Blog by Katie