Sean Patton Live at Cap City Comedy Club

Let me start this off by saying, buy tickets in advance!  When I first checked out Cap City Comedy Club’s events online, I decided the Tuesday night PUNCH! show with Matt Bearden (the Club’s most popular show), sounded like something to check out.  Well, apparently so did everyone else in Austin.  I regretfully had not purchased tickets in advance, and the show was sold out the morning of.  I learned my lesson and quickly purchased tickets online for the next night’s show, featuring New York based comedian Sean Patton.

I got caught! Comedian, Sean Patton, incorporating the crazy girl with the camera into his act

The Capitol City Comedy Club has been around for 27 years here in Austin.  The Club features weekly shows with regular comedians, such as PUNCH! as well as touring comedians.  They also offer Defensive Driving classes . . . taught by comedians!  How great is that?  If you have to sit through a Defensive Driving class, I think having a trained comedian for an instructor is probably the best case scenario.  Cap City also has a full food and drink menu available during the shows, with classics such as fried pickles and Dudley and Bob nachos.  Not quite the venue for those of us who are watching our weight, but tasty none the less.

The seating space and stage at Cap City Comedy

I have to admit, I was not familiar with Sean Patton prior to the show though he has been seen on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” “Live at Gotham,” and most recently on “Conan.”  Mr. Patton quickly made me forget that this wasn’t the original show I had planned on attending.  With more focus on personal stories and perspectives rather than traditional punch line stand up, he kept me in stitches through his whole set.  Not the “I feel bad because no one else is laughing” sympathy laugh, but the tears rolling down your face, cramp in your side, unconsciously slapping your leg kind of laugh.   Sean, a Louisiana native told hysterical stories of growing up as a privileged white kid in the suburbs; out-drinking college frat boys and navigating through the confusions of puberty pre sex-education and YouTube.  Along with Sean, the audience also got to enjoy the comedic flairs of the host Mac Blake and special guest Josh Gondelman.  Mac kept the show rolling with digs on the “un-ultimateness” of ultimate Frisbee.  And Josh’s impersonations of a German tourist, Jersey gangster, and Latino preschool student left little room for predictability.

The host, Mac Blake

A voluntary photo with Sean Patton (notice the Oregon shirt, Go Oregon!)

There are still two more nights to check out Sean Patton at Cap City; tonight Friday July 20th, and tomorrow, Saturday July 21st!  Don’t forget the PUNCH! show coming up this Tuesday. Also, check out the next featured comedians at Cap City Comedy Club:

Sunday night Open Mic July 22nd and every Sunday

J.R. Brown with Matt Sadler July 25th-28th

Tommy Johnagin with Ramin Nazer August 1st-4th

Tom Simmons August 8th-11th

* Learn from my mistake and buy tickets online or over the phone at least a day before the show!

See the Cap City Calendar full a full listing of events

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The Complexity of “Arcadia”

I had the pleasure of seeing “Arcadia”, produced by resident Shakespearean expert and Artistic Director, Ann Ciccolella. The title “Arcadia” alludes to a Utopian vision associated with natural splendor and harmony. Predominantly a comedy, “Arcadia” addresses the dichotomies of two eras, romanticism and classicism told through witty dialogue. Striving to strike a balance of these two natures, represents the essence of our humanity. Relationships between past and present, order and disorder and the certainty of knowledge, “Arcadia” works on many levels.

Painting by Thomas Eakins

“An example of this comes after we see the historical Thomasina deriving her mathematical equations to describe the forms of nature; we later see Val, with his computer, plotting them to produce the image of a leaf.”

Arcadia travels between the past and present by alternating scenes at the same English country home from 1809 to 1993. The subject matter being rich and dense, I can see why it was important to maintain the consistency in set design which compliments this complex subject matter.

“We love bringing scripts to life that have sparkling wit and brilliant language side by side with sex, romance and complex ideas,” said Austin Shakespeare’s Artistic Director Ann Ciccolella.

See “Arcadia” February 2-19 at The Rollins Studio Theater, presented by the Long Center. To purchase tickets:

For more Shakespeare by Artistic Director Ann Ciccolella, see listings for Zilker Hillside Theater, May 3-20. It’s free and a local tradition here in Austin.

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“Free Range Thinking” by Robert Dubac at The Rollins Theatre, the Long Center

Robert Dubac appearing in Free Range Thinking

Sitting in the dark, surrounded by strangers, I found myself laughing out loud…

Written and acted by Robert Dubac, “Free Range Thinking” is an engaging and thought provoking performance, a message about ourselves in the modern world, delivered with biting wit. The good, the bad, the ridiculous. We are invited to re-think who we are as a culture.

In monologue, Mr. Dubac unravels our thinking process to uncover the truth about hypocrisy in our modern society. As he takes us through the topics of politics, religion, media, reality shows and bottled water, he cleverly illustrates his points by portraying multiple characters, using simple props and comic stage tricks, all to help us question what we see and hear. Is it our gullibility or our complacency that needs another look?

The play opens with a large question mark scrawled across a black chalk board, a reoccurring theme. What we see and hear in life, might not be as we think. Truth becomes illusion. Mr. Dubac offers up some interesting twists on how to cure our societal schisms and make it all work. In one comical segment, he suggests that both political parties combine as one, so that they can achieve some funny compromises. For instance, continuing to ban prayers in our public schools except during exams, just when they might really help.

In the age of 3-D movies and computer generated imagery, this one man performance is refreshing, hilarious, poignant and sure to delight. Thank you Robert Dubac for an invitation for us to think outside the proverbial box.

The Rollins Theatre, at the Long Center, was the perfect venue, a comfortable and intimate setting.

We could all use a good laugh. Not to be missed! On now through January 15, 2012.

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