Full A-Team Review: Intimate & Insightful…”My Cup of Tea”

I might even quip “instant tea,” since this one-woman play and tour-de force Elaine Bromka immediately dialed me back 30 to-40 years or more to my UPI/Houston reporting days, when I actually encountered some of these First Ladies and their husbands.

First, this comment: This show deserves a full house, every performance. Performed without intermission with a running time of about 75-80 minutes, you can easily have dinner before or afterwards. And it’s a program that deserves post-show conversation.

Don’t expect Lady Bird, Pat and Betty to simultaneously sit for a hot cup of leafy brew. But do expect to laugh, even if it is sometimes sympathetic laughter. And do expect to learn, if you are of a younger generation, a bit of history about these women and the flawed leaders that they loved and (somehow) supported. Continue reading


Full A Team Review- PDQ Bach, The Jekyll and Hyde Tour

Long Center Presents: PDQ Bach, The Jekyll and Hyde Tour

To say that Peter Schickele’s presentation of PDQ Bach’s music was a tongue in cheek show, really rings true, as that was the only way he could make those particular mouth noises. This show, a farce, or more, a parody of classical music review has a broad appeal. From the slightly vaudevillian intro, a theme held throughout the first act, to the second act where the professor character is tossed aside to get down to a pleasant, humorous and critically excellent musical review of Schickele’s lifelong passion for slightly odd music, a vastly enjoyable evening was to be had at the Long Center last night. Continue reading

Full A Team Review: Capitol Steps

Targets Galore

The Capitol Steps, who have had me laughing for years through their musical skits and sketches on National Public Radio, are even more enjoyable in person.
These D.C. satirists did roast and lampoon,
Wits sharper than a whaler’s harpoon.
Their targets were of every scale.
They gave us laughs and gave ’em hell.
They hurled their barbs and flung their jibes,
And the audience responded with jocular vibes. Continue reading

ATeam Full Review: Rustic to Refined; Sensual & Dazzling

My first encounter with “Ballet Folklorico de Mexico” – up close and personal on Tuesday night on the Dell Stage of the Long Center — left me breathless, yet re-charged; a bit dazed and a lot awed. It also left me disappointed. Disappointed that it plays only one night, because Austin’s largely Hispanic population and this highly appreciative audience surely warrants additional performances.

The Mexico City-based dance company delivered a kaleidoscopic spectacle of costume, choreography, music and story-telling. Continue reading

Chronicle Shout Out!

Congrats to all of the members of the theatre, film and artistic communities for all of their incredible work this year. The Chronicle has just posted its Best Of List, and we are proud to recognize some individuals for outstanding contributions to the Austin Arts Scene!

Make sure to give em some love! Continue reading