“Way of the Heart” Kirtan and Workshop with Krishna Das

Poster design by Lucas

Jai Jai Raam! This was a special weekend for those who joined Krishna Das for his first Kirtan and Workshop, held at the Central Presbyterian Church, here in Austin. For those of you not familiar with Kirtan, by definition, is Indian devotional music, chanting the names of God.

At Friday night’s Kirtan, Krishna Das, (KD), was accompanied by Arjun Bruggeman, tabla player, and Mark Gorman, on electric bass guitar. KD who is known as the “Rock Star” of Kirtan, brought us a lively and spiritually intoxicating experience. In the style of music known as “call and response”, (used in many cultures), they rocked the house! Many of us in the audience got up to dance.

Photo courtesy of Greg Jordan

At Saturday’s Workshop, there was more chanting and KD answered questions from the audience, told stories of his life experience, traveling to meet his Guru in India and his path back to the States. In KD’s usual style of humor he had us laughing. His love and devotion for his teacher Neem Karoli Baba, lead him to realize he needed to sing, specifically with other people. This evolved into what would become a life’s work of devotional singing.

It was 15 years ago in 1997, when I first heard of Krishna Das. At that time I was living in northern California, in a valley below Mount Tamalpais, in a very small, Japanese tea house. It felt like one of the most hidden places on the planet, far away from my native NYC. Strangely, it was there that I felt most connected. It was during a life-changing experience and an adventurous period in my life, a perfect place to reflect. I am sure I was led there for this reason. It was then I made my first connection to KD and a world of experience that would prove to be meaningful in my life.

Just when I thought I was living alone on the edge of the universe, I met my neighbor, (also recently from NY) who was handling Public Relations for KD. She took me to my first Kirtan, gave me his first CD’s and that was it! Since then, after moving back to New York City, it became one of the treasures in my life, a ritual I would look forward to. Now living in Austin, I really missed it.

Photo courtesy of Greg Jordan

Finally, KD has put Austin on his tour schedule, thanks to his dear friend Amparo Garcia-Crow of “Inspirit Studios” who together with Becky Jordan of “Heart of Texas Yoga” brought us this event. I was honored to be asked to contribute the design of the poster and flyer.

Krishna Das inspires us to remember who we truly are and what we are really looking for is within us. We look forward to having KD back again so that we can continue this uplifting tradition of chanting that brings us all home, here in Austin.

For more about Krishna Das, go to www.krishnadas.com

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